Friday, November 30, 2007

Gackt and Gacktjob

To see screencaps of Gackt during his China concert, please click HERE

To see a current lineup of Gacktjob members (Which seems to be constantly changing, please click HERE

Till next time

<3 Ara

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some New Gackt Pics

I suppose everyone thought I abandoned them, ne?

no no. Far from the truth. The actuality is, there really isn't that much Gackt news.

The big news is that he is coming out with his new album.

otherwise its same old same old.

Gackt appears all over the Fuurin Kazan news blogs, his new Japanese community site talks about what Gackt eats, breathes, drinks and poops... but nothing earth shattering.

There is some talk about him doing a Chinese concert, that will be televised in China, but won't appear in Japan until Christmas Eve. Lets hope some nice Youtuber gets up there for us before then. ^_^

otherwise, that's about it.

So I didn't go anywhere... I just took a hiatus while waiting for some interesting Gackt news.

However, to tide you over, here are some Gackt pics.

one is from Fuurin Kazan where he plays Uesugi Kenshin, the other I like to call "Gackt's recent hair don't." Poor Gackt. His Stylist must have been running behind or something. Lol.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gackt's Album's Presale

Gackt's Newest album, 0079-0088, is available for presale on YesAsia and CdJapan.

CD Japan is selling it for about $21.00, YesAsia for about $23.00.

This album will include songs Gackt has previously written for the Gundam movie series, including "Metamorphoze", "Mind Forest", "Dybbuk", "Kimi ga Matteiru Kara", and "Love song."

It will also include covers of the original Gundam Series themes, "Suna no Jujika", "Ai Senshi", and "Meguriai".

There is also talk of a recently recorded, new Gackt song, made specifically for the Gundam franchise.

The mail out date is set for December 19th, 2007.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Gackt's new Album and HEYx3

Gackt will be appearing on Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ on Monday 11/12/07

His appearance is to mark the release of a new 8 song album dedicated to his favorite anime series, Gundam. (For which, you may remember he wrote Metamorphoze for the Gundam Movie.)

From what a friend has told me, it sounds as if some of the songs will be re-writes of the original songs from the 80’s, no word on if Metamorphose will be included in this album.

It also appears that some of the songs (like the one he’ll be performing on HEY!HEY!HEY!), are new songs he recently wrote.

This will be awesome for Gundam otaku’s such as myself.
Although, I think the world’s biggest Gundam Otaku (Or at least one of them) HAS to be Gackt. there is at least 30 youtube vids of Gackt talking about Gundam, and imitating Gundam characters... as well as him fighting for (And losing) a lifesized gundam doll... Sorry Gackt... I mean Action Figure.

I will keep you all posted on uploads of the HEYx3 special if anyone is quick to get the episode uploaded to YOUTUBE.

The album is set to be released this December.