Monday, December 29, 2008

Gackt's new video game

It appears Gackt has a new video game out. Gladiator Evolution, a Panchinko game. I believe it's created by the same company that made Bounty Hunter.

I could be wrong about this, seeing this is the first I've heard of it.

Watch Gackt - Gladiator EVOLUTION Pachinko PV in Game Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Ghost Preview

Gackt's new single "Ghost" preview. It will be released 1 month from now.

Sunday, December 14, 2008 has a new look. Thanks to Ryuichi-chan for the update.

Read more about it HERE

It's very cool looking, but again, as usual, it's only for Japanese fans. The English version of the page remains the same... rarely updated. Perhaps they are still working on it, but I'm not betting on it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ghost / Gackt

Black Release - Dears only

Blue Lagoon
Ghost (Instrumental)
Blue Lagoon (Instrumental)


Red Release - General Release

Blue Lagoon
Ghost (Instrumental)
Blue Lagoon (Instrumental)


IF my translation is correct of's Ghost page... It seems that the DVD/CD combo is only going to be available in limited amount, to DEARS members who became members on or before 11/15/08.


This is a good time to address the 1 question I get asked about Gackt.

For those curious... the message about overseas fans and dears has changed slightly.

Currently, we do not accept any admission from people residing overseas. We will examine the possibilities and this will be announced in this website once it is ready.

The previous message made it sound like we were closer to getting it, in some way. I don't know.

So for those who've been asking my opinion... my opinion is... don't hold your breath that this will happen anytime soon. I could be wrong, perhaps the release of Bunraku will change that, but at this time it does not seem they are in any hurry to open the fanclub to overseas fans.

I think it's a shame. However, for those who feel slighted by Gackt himself, don't be. His management and the fanclub have made this choice, not Gackt. I'm sure Gackt would personally open it up world wide if he could. However there are some things he just doesn't have control over, like the fanclub.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More news on latest single: Ghost

Thanks to Ryuichi-chan for the information

12/3発売の「Jesus」に続くニューシングルは、海外ドラマ「ターミネーター:サラコナー クロニクルズ」オリジナルイメージソングに決定。

(2) 未定
(3) GHOST(Instrumental)
(4) 未定(Instrumental)

*rough translation*
following the 12 / 3 release of the new "Jesus" single, Gackt will have the original image song for the foreign drama "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles".

(2) To be announced.
(3) GHOST (Instrumental)
(4) TBA (Instrumental)

so it looks like Gackt will be doing something for the series the Terminator!! I'm really excited now!!
I'm very curious as to what track 2 will be .... hmmm


Thanks again Ryuichi-chan.

Wouldn't it be cool if Gackt got some kind of walk on part as a terminator for one episode? Lol. He'd be good at that uber cute but scary cyborg type character.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gackt has another new single to be released 1/28/09

Gackt has yet ANOTHER new single coming out in January. (Busy busy boy). It's called "Ghost" and it will be released January 28th, 2009.

There is no cover photo yet... but I expect it will be as hot as usual.

Speaking of, just got Jesus in the mail today. the picture on the CD is very scary. LOL. Gackt wa Kowai, ne? but it's still hot.

You can pre-order Ghost today at it's approximately $12.20 U.S.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gackt-tastic Saturdays

Listen to J-Rock Us! Radio

every Saturday from now until the end of December is "Gackt-tastic Saturdays", to celebrate the release of his new single, Jesus.

visit the official station site for more information.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Part 4 and Gackt on Music Station

Part 4 of Gackt's appearance on the guessing game show, and his recent appearance on music station to promote and perform Jesus.

gackt is still cute when he tries to dance

But he still can't dance.

He also can't headbang in time. LOL but he looks adorable trying.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gackt Appearance - Been a long time, ne?

It seems to be a series of 4 vids, but the 4th is not yet up for viewing. Stay tuned to Hydist's channel.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gackt's 2009 Calendar

I just got Gackt's 2009 calendar in the mail. It's my first calendar.

I'm very surprised it was so large. I honestly thought of one of those small 8x10 calendars, not poster sized. lol.

Personally, I think it is a nice calendar, but I am a bit disappointed. I was expecting 12 awesome pictures... one for each month of the year... instead it was 6 pictures (two months shared the same picture) plus the cover.

And it would have been nice to have one artsy, face photo. Most of the pics were profiles or full body shots that are just like every other pic you see on the internet. Here's to examples.

So I rate my first Gackt calendar a B. I always love posters of Gackt, but I would have loved a normal sized calendar with 12 beautiful pics or a day calendar with 360 beautiful pics as opposed to 6 posters. That's just me tho.

Jesus lyrics and controversy answer

These lyrics come from youtube user keesiaox - translations in kana, Romaji and English

降り注ぐ雨は静かな 君の涙

Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?

Take me Out
Take me Out
Take me Out
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
答えてくれ JESUS!!!

God said when you die,
Your life will pass before your own eyes.
If you want to feel it right now,
Just do it, do it, do it!

Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?

Take me Out
Take me Out
Take me Out
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
答えてくれ JESUS!!!


kizutsuita nukegara wo tada dakishimeteita
furisosogu ame wa shizuka na kimi no namida
Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
kono yume kara
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Oshietekure Maria!!!!

「koroshite...」 to hohoemi nagara hoho ni fureta
mienai me ni namida wo tamete kieteyuku
Take me Out
Take me Out
Take me Out
kono yume kara
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Kotaetekure JESUS!!!

God said when you die,
Your life will pass before your own eyes.
If you want to feel it right now,
Just do it, do it, do it!

Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
kono yume kara
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?

Take me Out
Take me Out
Take me Out
kono yume kara
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Kotaetekure JESUS!!!


Please note my Japanese is poor and this is MY interpretation of the song. It may be right, it may be wrong. Depends on how you want to read into the lyrics I guess ;_;

Tightly embracing only the empty broken shell
The pouring rain is your silent tears
Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
from this dream
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Please tell me, Maria!!!!

Smiling, I touched your cheeks and said 'kill me...'
Tears gathered in my blinded eyes, and then disappeared
Take me Out
Take me Out
Take me Out
from this dream
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Answer me, JESUS!!!

God said when you die,
Your life will pass before your own eyes.
If you want to feel it right now,
Just do it, do it, do it!

Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
from this dream
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Please tell me

Take me Out
Take me Out
Take me Out
from this dream
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Real or dream?
Answer me, JESUS!!!


A lot of people on Youtube are having issues with Gackt's new song. They take offense to the use of Jesus in the song, saying he's trying to mock Christianity or challenge the idea of Jesus in some way.

Wow, over thinking it much? Let me tell you, I am a church going, God fearing Catholic. As a Catholic I can tell you there is NOTHING offensive about this song.

In the video there is a man contemplating suicide. He keeps putting the gun to his head and taking it away. he's crying and obviously tormented. Gackt is playing the part of the guy's thoughts, he is singing about what is going on in his mind.

The guy is not damning Jesus, he's not bashing Christianity, he's asking in his tormented mind... "is this real or a dream?" if it's a dream, blessed virgin Mary (Maria) please wake me up. If it's real and this pain exists, Jesus take me."

that's all it really is. Gackt is giving a voice to what is going on in this guy's head.

To say Gackt is condoning suicide or challenging Christianity is just a stupid, closeminded an uneducated thing to believe. Even Freud admitted sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I also think this is less about religion and more about the ties to Requiem et reminiscence. the guy in the vid is wearing a soldier's uniform like the one Gackt wore during his 'Requiem' era. And as we all know, Gackt is revisiting Requiem at the end of this year through early 2009 with the Requiem et Reminiscence tour II. I think this ties in more to that than it does religion.

So lighten up people!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jesus Video released *R*

warning to younger viewers - this is very graphic and some have found it disturbing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gackt celebrates Halloween

Gackt appeared (in costume) for a Halloween concert headlined by HYDE's side band VAMPS.

Daigo (Breakerz) hosted the event (dressed in a dress).

Gackt Joined Hyde on stage for a performance of Motley Crew's 'Shout at the Devil'

Hyde was vocals, KAZ - Guitar, and Gackt was on drums.

Gackt speaks to Jesus

Thanks to ♥~*みさーぴ*~ ♥ o(≧▽≦)o for the heads up on the Official Gackt Jesus pv preview. It looks awesome.

I've pre-ordered my copy, have you pre-ordered yours?

See the 'Jesus' preview HERE

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gackt to release new single

People were wondering, with the relase of Nine*Nine, what Gackt's people meant that this boxset was his reintroduction into music. After all, it was a look back a the past... with the acception of a few songs that were unreleased such as "justified".

Now we know we are taking a quick look back, before moving forward with Gackt. While it is not yet available for pre-sale, Gackt's newest single "Jesus" will be coming out soon!!

more details to follow as they are available.

Ken Ogata will be missed

Famous Japanese actor Ogata Ken passed away last week at the age of 71. In 2000, Ogata was a recipient of the Japanese government’s Medal with Purple Ribbon, which is awarded for contributions in fields such as arts.

Ogata's famous films included the "Ballad of Narayama," "Vengeance is Mine," "The Demon," and "House on Fire". He leaves behind 2 sons, and a very sad friend in Gackt.

Here's Gackt's tearful final message to his friend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bounty Killer - Gackt Game

There is a little more information about Bounty Killer... the weird project Gackt is producing that looks like either a video game or a casino slot machine.

It seems now, according to this site ...

it is both. This is a Japan-only PS3-exclusive slot machine game to be released in Japanese format in October.

The main character in the game is modeled after Gackt (Looking much like Gackt in the Vanilla video and perhaps a bit of his character in the game Bujingai.), and his music will also be featured in the game. Tracks like 'Another World,' White Eyes,' and 'Justified' are included in the soundtrack.

Gackt also produces this game.

The above site has screenshots.

exactly HOW the slot machine relates to game play hasn't been described as of yet, but my guess... if you get three 7's in a row at a maxium bet at the casino... you win a LOT of money. If you get three 7's in a row in this game, you'll get a major progression in the game, or score a major bounty. That's the only way I can think of it.

I guess we'll have to see when our Japanese friends let us know what they think about the game.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gackt's Nine * Nine to be released 10 * 29

Gackt's Nine * Nine to be released at the end of October.

This is a live album collection CD with a special DVD

It will cost about $190.00 US

13 CDs in the new High Quality CD format (subject to change)
1 DVD, deluxe box, and miniature replicas of the tour pamphlets.

CDs include "Gackt Live Tour 2000 MARS - Sora kara no Homonsha," "Gackt Live Tour 2001 Requiem et Reminiscence - Shuen to Seijaku," "Gackt Live Tour 2002 Kagen no Tsuki - Seiya no Shirabe," "Gackt Live Tour 2003 Jogen no Tsuki Saishusho," "Gackt Live Tour 2004 The Sixth Day & Seventh Night - Final," "Gackt Live Tour 2005 12.24 Diablos - Aien no Uta to Seiya no Namida," and "Gackt Training Days 2006 Drug Party."

DVD includes special footage including unreleased songs. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

Gackt Calendar 2009

Get ready for the 2009 Calendar!

Also, 9 * 9 and the calendar are available for pre-sale through

The Calendar is approximately $22.01 US and 9 * 9 with limited edition DVD is $184.84 US.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gackt Translations

for those of you who do not speak Japanese
but want to know what the heck Gackt's Myspace blogs are saying....
I am running a Gackt myspace translation blog
The translations are to the best of my ability, I am not an expert yet by any means
but you'll at least get the general idea

Bounty Killer

What exactly is this?

if you watch THIS VIDEO

It appears to be an arcade / slot machine game.

Sound production/supervision and voice-over by Gackt

It APPEARS to be a Japanese Casino slot machine game.. kinda

That's really all the information I have on this. More will come hopefully soon.

Bunraku pic

This picture comes courtesy of the Bunraku Blog, who got it courtesy of cmsgackt, who got it courtesy of the volume 28 Gackt Dears Magazine. This is Gackt once again, in costume. It appears to be a screen cap from the movie itself.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun Gackt news

Not much news wise going on, but a big thanks to the bunraku blog for this gem.

Here's a pic of Gackt in costume and makeup on the set of Bunraku

And here's a freakin funny video of him goofing off on set.

Speaking of freakin funny videos... peek at this one! LOL

To "Joost's" Friend "Joseph"

I did not publish your comments because your comments are not only stupid, but insult me all you want, I will not allow you to insult my blogs guests.

Now as for calling your comment stupid.

You said that I call myself a professional singer but I only have Gackt's music on my site... why... well your theory is because I'm not good enough.

Here's where the 'your stupid' thing comes in..... wait for it.....


this is a site for Gackt, about Gackt, and to Promote Gackt. Why would I post MY music here? I have a personal site for that.

You also attacked one of my blog guests for hiding behind the computer to insult Joost.

Aren't you doing the same thing? Do you leave a return email address? no. Do you leave your REAL name? Probably not.

As for how hurt Joost is... too bad.

People dressing like Gackt aren't trying to make money off looking like Gackt. People who do cover songs of Gackt's music aren't trying to make money by selling CDs of ripping off Gackt's music.

He's taken Gackt's songs, illegally changed lyrics, then claimed the music... lyrics and composition... to be his own, then he puts them up for sale. Whether he sells any or not... it is illegal.

a. because he does not give Gackt credit
b. because he did not get permission to sample Gackt's compositions
c. because he did not pay for the rights to put Gackt's music on his CDs (the one that he does admit to having on his Christmas CDs) and redistributing them.
d. because he did not have permission to use Gackt's music on his CDs (the one that he does admit to using) and changing the lyrics.

If we didn't have a case, the Netherlands and Japanese copyright offices wouldn't currently be investigating the situation...

(As they are at this very moment. There has been written confirmation that they believe there is enough evidence to investigate this matter and take proper action against Joost should they find intentional copyright infringement.)

While they said it may take a while... they will get back to the person who originally contacted them. Unfortunately, that wasn't me. However it was someone else that Joost is well aware of.

However, Thank you for your comments, as hilariously inaccurate as they were.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gackt Translations (Link Fixed)

I've updated the Gackt Translation Page that translates Gackt's myspace blogs, so check it out. Again, I translated to the best of my ability. I'm still working on my Japanese, so it may not be 100% accurate, but you'll get the main point.

Also, for those emailing me about rumored tours and albums, please note that nothing is official, and I don't want to get anyone's hopes up in case it falls through, or in case there are some changes before the official release of information.

I'll just say it appears there may be a Nation-Wide tour in Japan coming up from the end of 2008 through 2009... But there are various rumors as to what its about, and where the exact tour dates will be, that I can not confirm. So I will hold off on reporting about it.

Thanks for understanding.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Gackt

Thanks to those who participated in the Gackt Birthday Special!!

CLICK HERE to see the special birthday blog.

I'll be doing some emailing to make sure Gackt gets your messages. Thanks again for helping me let Gackt know how special he is to us.

(The blog link has been sent through his official site, as a message on his official myspace site, and posted as a comment on his myspace site.)


*Quick Edit*

The message I sent through myspace to his official myspace blog was marked as 'read' which means either Gackt read it, or someone who works for DEARS did and may be kind enough to pass the message along.

Thanks again to all those who participated.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Wishes to Gackt


If you would like to say Happy birthday to Gackt, please email your birthday wishes either by messaging me here, or emailing them to

I'll be setting up a birthday blog again this year, and emailing it to his official dear's site, and I'll probably leave a link on his myspace blog as well.

You may leave you name, screenname, age, blog address, and/or email, but please... for your protection... do NOT give your personal information such as home addresses, phone numbers, passwords, so on.

Please keep your greetings to a paragraph or two.

Thanks ahead of time to all who wish to contribute!!

Cut off for messages will be Wednesday, July 2nd!!

Links to Bookmark and New Translation site

here are some important links you should add to your favorites. (The one in red is my new Translation site where I have begun translating Gackt's official myspace blogs into English.)

----------- (This myspace Gackt fan blog) (The sister site to this Gackt Fan Blog) (My New Blog that translates Gackt's blogs for you)


For the translation blog - my translating ability is still in it's newer stage, so they are translated to the best of my abilities, but the general gist is there. ^_^


Don't forget these sites (Gackt's official site) (Gackt's official myspace site) (my J-rock Radio station's site)


Also (My story of how I became a Gackt fan.) (Story of how Kitana Ash became a Gackt fan.)


There you guys go. Just some updates after cleaning up my blog a bit. ^_^

Friday, June 20, 2008

Gackpoid is finally upon us!!

Hey all!

FINALLY some Gackt news.

Gackpoid is officially ready to be officially released with an offical price. (Officially).

The release date is set for the end of July with a retail price of ¥18,900 (about $176.00 U.S.)

This is the box design.

It is an anime styled god of music. A larger image of the face on the design looks very much, Gackt-ish. (Perhaps a play on the fact that Camui (Kamui) means ’hunt for the power of god’ or ’weilds the power of god’ in Japanese.)

I’m going to talk to the publisher and see if this will be playable on U.S., Canada and English computers. if it is, I’ll be getting it and will give you a review. Feel free to give me your reviews if you get it as well.

Also, if you have the chance...............


It was SUCH a good movie ^_^ I went with my brother's fiancee. We laughed, we cried, we left craving Miso soup.

Kung Fu Panda and Forbidden Kingdom. Highly recommended!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gackpoid postponed

the anticipated release of Gackpoid, the program where Gackt's voice will sing your compositions, has been temporarily postponed.

Set to be released mid-this month (June, 2008), we now have to wait till the middle of this month for new information on a new release date, and hopefully a suggested retail price.

Early word about the project is that it was temporarily postponed for changes, but all signs point to the project still being a-go.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back! Some Gackt Schtuff (Edited)


For those who didn't notice (lol) I was on vacation for the last week. A whole 7 days without internet connectivity. ARGH!! Even so, it doesn't appear I missed much Gackt news while I was gone last week.

The only things I could find came from the Bunraku blog that gave us this pic...

a possible storyboard for a scene from the movie. (no word on if this scene will appear in the movie or not.)

According to the site, there was also a pic from Bunraku on that showed Gackt in makeup that depicted him bloodied.

it was removed according to Japanese law as 'questionable content' for its violent implications, because young people have access to the community website.

huh. Like they don't have access to pics like this?


I don't claim to understand all of Japan's laws. lol. So we're going to have to wait to the movie.


That's it for now. Just glad to be home. ^_^

Don't forget to visit my station

I have a new show up and running on Mondays and Wednesdays. (My all request J-Rock shows)

Ja Mata


(Screenboard of Bunraku is drawn by Neil D'Monte )

*The picture has been removed

There are too many stories as to why it is not available online from copyright issues, to questionable content laws, to it being considered too much of a *spoiler*

I can't sift through which one is the real reason, so until the picture is officially posted again, I've removed it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gackpoid Information

A little more information on Gackpoid.

It will come with a rolled up keyboard you can attach to your computer (I'm not sure if it will be by USB port, or if you'd have to unplug your keyboard and plug it in where they keyboard should be.)

You use that to make your music, edit the sound, hold the key for as long as you want the note to be held, so on...

Then you will be able to save it in .wav format, and edit it later into an MP3 with an editing program. (I use the free program Audacity to change my .wavs into MP3's.)

You have the option of Hiragana lyrics, Katakana, or Romaji (roman) lettering like we use in English (abc).

This will be compatible with windows Vista and XP.

It status is still listed as "Release in mid-June / Price undetermined"
So there is no set date or price as of yet. But it will be released sometime next month.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gackt's Vocaloid confirmed

The new Gackt Vocaloid program is going to be titled "Gackpoid"

There are sound files of the new product for download, but they are in .wax form (An audio extention like .wav .mp3 .wma) however, for some reason I am unable to get my media player to accept .wax extensions.

The New Project is set for a Mid June release - price is still undetermined, but expect it to be at least $100+ U.S.

It will be Windows Vista and XP Compatible.

If I can get the .wax format to eventually work, I'll let you know what the sound sample is all about.

Until then... Can't wait for June. ^_^

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gackt will be doing Vocaloid. I think... (Link Fixed)

Well... My translation skills aren't that great... but I think this article is saying that Gackt IS indeed going to voice vocaliod.

At least, that's what it seems.

I don't know. The translation came out kind of confusing. Lol. If you can read Japanese better than I can... draw your own conclusions.

but to me, it leans towards saying it is true that Vocaliod will be using Gackt's voice for its upcoming product.

It will be released later this month. Past vocaloids have sold for $100 to $300.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gackt's Bunraku, and the Plagerizing "Fan"

hey all. I've been looking into Vocaloid to no avail. No news since the original April 1st News.

Gackt's official site released this pic of him filming Bunraku... The scars on his hand is mostly make up, but according to the Bunraku blog where this picture was borrowed from, the artists had scars to work with.

Ouch. Life must be brutal in that Samurai world.

More information has been released about Bunraku. Gackt's co-star Josh Hartnett gave MTV an interview explaining Bunraku. He had this to say.

"I'm going to Romania to film this movie called 'Bunraku'... all the cast isn't set yet... but it has a lot of really interesting actors in this kind of, paper mache' world, I don't even know how to explain it... its odd, its out there."

"Its a story of revenge... you know... my character is called 'The Drifter', and he comes to this world that is kind of, like you've never seen before... its more on the vein of Sin City or something like that where its not... the world doesn't look like reality at all. and it, you know, has a lot of fight sequences and all that, but its like, really about these crazy characters.. like my character is an ex... well he's a gypsy and he comes to this place like he's got something to prove, and no one knows what he's about... till they know."

So there you have the latest news on that.

For Grins and giggles I decided to check in with Joost Maglev, aka Plagerisor of Gackt, just to see what's new there.

Joost is obviously upset by the "attacks" he's been receiving, so in the forum where people were discussing his blatant copying of Gackt's music he posted this.

Dear all,

I don't feel the need to explain myself any further in public, especially since the way I've been treated is very low and easy.

So if you still have questions about my musical integrity, my Gackt inspired work, or any other of the false accusations about when tunes are written, how much money I make, and how much of a Gackt fan I am, you should have the guts to contact me privately and ask me about it, instead of going public and accusing.

For the rest, any type of accusing post written on Youtube or on my forum will be deleted from now on.

Posting it is pointless. The point has been made.

I have no intention of censoring the fact that Gackt fans think I am a plagiarizer, but the fact that many Gackt fans shout it doesn't make it true.

If you feel mad and want to keep on shouting about it, shout in other forums where people like you are hanging out, or shout at a brick wall for in the end that will have the same effect.

In the meantime I will delete all the posts here which are just offensive or make low and misplaced comments on my looks or use swearing words.

People who feel the need to use those comments usually have no strong point to get across.

For anyone who has judged me with an open mind or had the audacity to contact me personally and ask me about this, I salute you.Take care,


Let me just say thank you to everyone whose put him on edge. At least now he'll be a bit more wary before stealing Gackt's music, cause he knows we're watching.

But I love how he still claims his music is "Gackt inspired" and not the blatant rip offs they are... and he's now deleting posts of anyone accusing him of plagery.

So I found that highly amusing.

However, he seems to be seriously upset by this, and is demanding that it be talked about privately and not out in the open which means enough fans are standing up to him and telling him stealing is not right.

I love the line about "Just because so many Gackt fans shout it doesn't make it true"... but its not like Gackt fans are out to get random people for no apparent reason.

if every single fan hears more than simply inspiration... it raises a red flag. How do individual Gackt fans who probably don't know each other, or Joost... all hear Gackt's music note for note?

And wouldn't it be MORE than likely true if many fans thought the same thing, than one or two random Rabid fans?

I think its a bit over the line of inspiration and those who know me know I'm not a "rabid fangirl" type.

Thanks to everyone who stood up for Gackt's right to have a say as to how HIS music is used and portrayed!

on a side note : He is still not crediting Gackt... his supposed inspiration... on his discography. not even on the album which debuts "Caramel" an "obvious satire of Gackt's Vanilla" as his fans say.

So obvious Gackt and Vanilla do not need to be credited. Even Weird Al shows more respect than that!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Picture of Gackt from New Movie


Gackt looks very hot. This movie is going to rock!! And you all know me. I'm not the typical screaming, drooling fangirl. But dude... Gackt looks really ultra hot in this pic to me for some reason. He looks like he's 10 years younger...
like back in his Malice Mizer days.

Ok, rabid fangirl rant over. Lets hope I never do that again! LOL!!

This picture came from

This seems to be a picture of Gackt as Yoshi, the partner in crime of the good guy played by whoever else is in that picture.

And who cares who it is? Look at Gackt! I mean, Man... its like I'm just noticing how cute he is or something. Lol!

(oops. Rabid fan girl slipped in again. Not to mention, I'm exhausted. So I'm getting loopy. heheh. Sry. Won't happen again.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


ZOMG! Major Gackt news!!

no, we're not getting married. (Only in my dreams. ) just kidding. just kidding.

It seems our Gackt has gone Hollywood.

Be still my heart!!!!

Gackt is set to star in an American made movie which is rumored to be starring Demi Moore and Ron Pearlman called Bunraku.

the tag line is: A lone drifter comes to town seeking revenge, but soon finds himself up against a bigger challenge than he originally planned

While Ron Pearlman and Demi Moore are listed as "Rumored", Gackt is confirmed to play a character named Yoshi.

Ok... on the count of 3







More info can be found below.

Bunraku is set to be released in 2009.

On a side note, Bunraku is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theater that originated in Osaka in 1684

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back from Vacation - No Gackt news

Konnichiwa watashi no Gackto Otaku! I'm back from Vacation! And guess what? I was on the set of the new Johnny Depp movie! SQUEE! (well, kind of. lol. You can read it in my personal blog.)

but I'm home and raring to go. Unfortunately, it seems nothing has happened since I've been away.

I've been watching the official Vocaloid sites like a hawk and still have found no Gackt-formation.

All is quiet on Gackt's new myspace blog.

And Joost is once again avoiding the whole "Giving Gackt credit" thing all together. Even now that Gackt has an official myspace site, you'd think he'd be promoting, pushing or at least crediting Gackt.

Especially in light of all but admitting he may have crossed that fine line between inspiration and plagerism.

However, nothing.

I have played Joost's music for several people who do not listen to Jrock and do not know Gackt, and compared them to Gackt songs. They all agree the songs sound dangerously alike.

Yet this MAJOR Gackt fan doesn't even give credit to the person he claims is his major inspiration. He doesn't push Gackt on his fans who may not know Gackt, trying to get Gackt new fans.

You'd think that's what a real fan would do but eh, I guess that's just me.

What else, what else...

well I guess nothing.

But now that I'm back, I'll keep you up to date on the goings ons.

if nothing comes up tomorrow, I have a letter written to me by a Gackt fan who'd like me to address my thoughts on DEARS, and Gackt touring the US. So watch for that tomorrow. It could be interesting.

And also if you haven't listened to my station -
go here and check it out. Not only is there awesome J-rock, and Japanese Entertainment, but I try to promote Gackt as best I can by playing his music (And *Gasp, the horror, I actually PAY royalties when I use his music, AND give him credit!!)

And I always have some blurb of Gackt news during Saturday's Japanese Curry. Not to mention Gackt is my 1 most requested artist 4 weeks running. So stay tuned to that station!

Shameless plug finished.

I'm exhausted from the long car ride home (I left for home at 4am.)

so I'm going to crawl into bed and have lovely dreams of my upcoming trip to Japan.

Ta for now.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


After many false starts by fans posing as Gackt or Nippon Crown or Dears, Gackt has finally and officially opened his myspace page ala YOSHIKI!

My heart, I think, has just stopped. Lol.

His official page is

for those who are not Japanese or do not read Japanese, it seems as if Gackt, or whoever will be maintaining the site for him, will be doing so in Japanese.

I'll try to keep you updated on what blogs he posts to the best of my translation abilities.

The first blog entry thus far is...


Gackt's myspace site has finally been born! I wait for your friend requests.

for those who wonder if this is another false start - it was announced officially on

Thank you to Yan who gave me the heads up.

I feel happy, yet sad at the same time.

Gackt making an official myspace site is great for fans like myself...

but it makes me feel less relevant. Now that there's an official blog, if they start posting in English, this news blog may no longer be necessary T_T

Oh well. This is a happy day so I'm not going to spoil it. ^_^

Besides, it seems it'll be run in Japanese, so there's hope that I may still be useful yet!!

In other news...

no new news on the Joost stealing Gackt's music front.

He is no longer speaking on the subject, and he has not returned any of my messages for comments. However, he does continue to push the album that he admits as at least 2 songs that are either rip offs of Gackt's or "Gackt inspired" with no mention of Gackt in the credits.

So that's where we stand on that.

And as for the vocaloid project, I sent an email again and once again got back a "you'll have to wait and see" reply. GAH So frustrating! LOL

also, as promised, I do have a fan story to cover about his disappointment with the lack of an international Dears fanclub, but in light of the recent excellent news on Gackt's officially going official on myspace... I thought I'd hold off.

It also seems that Gackt is starting or participating in a "Love our planet" environmental movement. Which is awesome. I still have to work on translating the site.

I've fallen behind due to writing my book and working on my radio station... so until I have the translation, you can read more here -

till next time all...

Ja mata

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Gackt updates

Surprisingly quiet on the Gackt font.

Unfortunatly - despite my prying using my charm, no one is talking about the vocaloid project.

The only thing I can think of, is that they are in TALKS with Gackt, but since nothing is in writing, they're trying to keep it under wraps. but if I can get one of them to spill the beans, I'll let you know.


I'm still getting angry mail about Joost and his selling of Gackt's music as his own.

He still does not credit Gackt on the CD he's been recently pushing... even though he finally admits they are "Gackt inspired." So much so that he doesn't feel the need to mention Gackt for those who may not know Gackt? A true Gackt fan would use it as an opportunity to turn new fans onto his "idol".

If you want to lay in the heat - visit and let him know your dissatisfaction with how he's conducting himself as a supposed "artist" or go straight to and let Dears and Gackt know.


Yes it is true. Gackt does have a new dog. He has long haired white Chihuahua he has named Eneru, who is reportedly 1 year old.

I do know know what the name represents. As it stands from what I've found online, he has not "officially" introduced the J-Rock world to Eneru, thus has not given an explination as to his name.

Someone has told me that he had officially talked about Eneru, but I can not verify the source, nor find the video on youtube where he does so.

But whichever way you look at it...

lucky dog!!


I've looked Eneru up and I've only found a few references to anime characters named Eneru - most notably from the anime One Peice,

and I found the world Enerugi in my English/Japanese dictionary - which means "Energy".

No pictures are currently available with the acception of this:

this is a sticker that fans get if they sign up for the Dears or Save our Dears credit cards.

I believe the credit cards are for Japanese residents only? You'll have to look into that at

Save our Dears is a charity Gackt origionally posted to help victims of the major Niigata Prefecture earthquake last year.

He continues his efforts for victims of Natural Disasters.

(Thanks to for the above pic.)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gackt Updates

1. There is still no word on Vocaloid other than... its been a week and no one has popped out saying "APRIL FOOL’s".
So if this were an april fool’s joke, it would be in the running for the world record of longest running April Fool’s Prank.

However, that doesn’t mean he IS doing Vocaloid. For all I know, they may have just been in talks with him to do it, but it doesn’t mean he’s agreed to it.

I’m going to keep pressing and let you know when I do. The third of the vocaloid series is due to hit the shelves in May, so we should know soon.

2. There’s not much on the Joost front other than he’s starting to push his CD now.

This album includes:

Artemis - Dybbuk/Lu:na rip off
and Caramel - The note for note Vanilla rip off that is suppose to be an OBVIOUS satire of Gackt’s vanilla according to the 2 joost fans that exist. (Hi Joost’s mom and dad!)

(Not so obvious if you’re not a Gackt fan. How are they suppose to know if Gackt isn’t credited, that this is a spoof of an existing song?)

but Gackt is not credited, and Vanilla is not mentioned on the discography page. He credits a bunch of other no names... "With the help of."

Well, if Gackt "influenced" this music, didn’t he get Gackt’s help? Why isn’t he credited in the list of names that appears after "With the help of"?

I’m ready to start another letter campaign to Dears.
Probably today I’ll write them again. They need to either tell him to stop, or tell us to let it go.
Until I get official word, I’m going to keep up the fight. This just bites me to no end.

as was mentioned on his forum

Rembrant, Monet, Piccasso - they didn’t live off the coat tails of other painters -
they were artists because they had a vision, something uniquely them, and gave it to the world.
Those who copy those styles of paintings aren’t considered artists... their art is considered "Forgeries" or "In the style of"...
But they’re not considered to be true visonaries. Just copycat painters living in the shadow of real, great artists.

He’s nothing but a fraud living in Gackt’s shadow.

Feel free to go to and write another letter to Gackt and DEARS.
Send him to Joost’s YOUTUBE page and tell him and dears to listen to Artemis and think of Dybbuk and Luna.
Let him know about Caramel being a Rip off of Vanilla down to the last note - without crediting Gackt...

and that above all else, he’s SELLING these songs, and that he use to sell albums with actual Gackt songs on them. (Like his Snowflakes 2003 and 2005).
Even admittingly using Gackt songs, just writing his own lyrics, then selling them for his own profit without permission.

and above all else... BOYCOTT JOOST!!

If he sells these albums, its just going to add to his delusion that what he’s doing isn’t wrong. A TRUE gackt fan supports GACKT... not someone who would steal from him.

Even out of curiosity... DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR BUY JOOST’S Albums!!!

Also, if you join his forum on his official site , Don’t resort to low tactics, like name calling, threats or making derogitory statemtents.

Stick to the facts, and try to show Gackt fans in a positive light.

but more people need to start posting there and telling him this won’t be stood for!!

3. Whew, yes there is finally a 3.

There are some really cute videos posted on the internet of recent Gackt stuff.

My faves are...

From Gackt’s Platinum Box - All I can say is poor Jun-Ji!!! (especially starting at 1:40)

Also from Gackt’s Platinum Box - All I can say is - Poor Gackt.
This is where they pull a fan’s name out of a fishbowl to drop in on them and surprise them.
(Not seen in the vid, they tried one other fan who wasn’t at home, left her a note and autograph, then moved on to this fan).

This particular fan seems to be a YOU fan. Gackt seems to be a bit jealous that she likes YOU over him.
I don’t think he’s use to playing Second Fiddle to the violinist. Lol!

And this video - Has A Quick clip of Gackt with his CURRENT hairdo. (Or don’t.) I think he needs to get a haircut personally.
I like his hairdo from the Platinum Box vids myself. Lol. This was from 4-4-08.
Thank you so much!
All the youtubers who bring this to those of us around the world who may not otherwise be in the know. This includes, Moimana97, to924, and Marajaa who posted the videos I used above.

and of course to our Gackt himself for making these vids for our enjoyment.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Gackt Updates

Hey all! Time for some quick updates.

First off, everyone wants to know about the Joost Maglev saga. Good news / Bad news situation here.

First the bad news just to get it out of the way. The "Fraud exposed" video was removed by Gordie entertainment due to copyright infringement.

It seems that the Gordie entertainment corp. is somehow linked to NHK which we all know is where Gackt is linked due to Fuurin Kazan.

So it looks like Gackt’s people may have been the ones who it down.

My only theory as to why is because They see... "Gackt Fraud" in the title and thought it was a video that was a video smearing Gackt or discrediting Gackt using his material, not fully understanding the meaning of the video.

Being the trouble maker that I am, I suggested to the creator of the vid to make alternate email accounts and re-post it a few different times. Kind of how when Cruise tried to shut down the scientology video fiasco, it kept popping up 2 fold.

I also told him he should title it something like "Protecting Gackt’s interests" or something that will immediately show this isn’t going against Gackt, but FOR Gackt.

I’m also trying to find a way to contact the Gordie Company who seems fairly elusive to discuss the situation. I’ve written a letter to NHK requesting their contact information, since their name was linked to Gordie Entertainment.

However, Keith on my myspace blog had a good point... the video was removed by a third party. It IS possible it really was Gordie entertainment, its also possible it was someone POSING as Gordie Entertainment.

That's what is so weird. Gordie entertainment (which in itself is fairly elusive) I can only find that it is linked to NHK, which is the company that released Fuurin Kazan.

Nippon Crown and Gackt owns the rights to his music, so if anyone would pull it for copyright issues, it would be DEARS or Nippon Crown. that's the only thing I can think of.


Now the kind of good news. It appears the pressure is getting to Joost.

On Artemis I noticed he FINALLY gave Gackt Credit (Somewhat.)

However, he still wasn’t being completely honest. He said he wrote the base of this song in 1994, even though the beginning rifts are note for note dybbuk...

and if it was written in ’94, why did it take till 2008 to release the song when he’s had so many albums prior to the one he is selling it on? 16 previous albums to be exact.

It took him 16 albums to release this song written in 94... this song that sounds surprisingly like Dybbuk in the beginning especially?

Come on. He’s getting more honest, but he’s not quite there.

I’ve also been noticing more and more on previous albums, he wasn’t just copying Gackt songs, he was actually selling Gackt songs on his album, admittedly so.

for example:

On his "Snowflakes 2005" he has - Track 2 composed in 2001 by Gackt C, lyrics written in 2003 by Joost D

It does NOT say, "Used with permission" or "royalties paid".

it is ILLEGAL to SELL an album with someone else’s music, or to change lyrics to an existing song that is copyrighted.

Even if you give credit, you still have to BUY THE RIGHTS or pay royalties everytime an album is sold, and you HAVE TO get permission either way. You can’t just do it and hope your good intentions have been noted.

But the good thing is it looks as if these albums are no longer for sale.

So, we’ve gotten to him... however, he’s still not being honest enough. The more pressure, the more he’ll wittle down till the full truth is exposed and he stops selling Gackt’s tunes as his own.

I have been asked...

"Ara, what if Joost has permission from Gackt to write these songs?"

My answer is... why wouldn’t he just say so at this point after being repeatedly attacked?

Its as simple as writing "Used with permission" Or "royalties paid for". Even if it were a privacy issue (As in Gackt doesn't want ten million people asking for permission to use his music for personal works), he would still insist on some kind of compensation/credit given. So I firmly believe this is all done without Gackt's concent.


moving on from Joost for a while.

The information I previously gave about Gackt voicing for Vocaloid... well, I started doing some digging to find out if it was true or not, since the news was released on April first, and even the articles had to ask if it was an april fool’s joke..

So I emailed the official Crypton Vocaloid site. (It was a test of my Japanese writing skills. I wrote in all japanese since it is a japanese site, so it was interesting to see if I wrote it properly enough for them to understand.)

They did! yay my writing skills are improving!

Anyhoo. The Crypton vocaloid site said regrettably they had no information or knowledge of the news, and directed me to another site who may know.

So I re-wrote the message to this site and they told me, regrettably they are not releasing any information on that currently other than the 3rd Vocaliod is being released in ’08, and to keep checking back with the site for news.

So in otherwords, no one’s talking, and everyone’s saying they don’t know anything.
However, no one will recant the information and say "its not true" either. And usually after an april fool’s joke, right on April 2nd, people will say "Yes if you figured it out, it was an april fool’s joke"

Kind of like the April Fool’s "Legend’s of Zelda" elaborate movie trailer hoax.
However, while no one is saying anything, no one has released an "April Fool’s" recant of the information either.

So it is still up in the air. As it stands, it is still possible that Gackt will be voicing in Vocaloid.

I’ll keep you all updated on all the news.

that’s it for now.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Make Gackt Sing for you!! Maybe...

ok, first thing’s first cause I’m sure you’re all going to ask.

No there hasn’t been a Joost Update as of yet. I left my address, email address, phone number and website with DEARS, and I haven’t personally heard anything.

Those of you who did email dears through please let me know if you get a reply.

Remember they get high volumes of emails a day - so If you’ve sent one email and you’re still concerned about the Joost copies... write one more letter.

If you haven’t written at all, make sure you drop them and/or Gackt a line. And as always, keep it civil to show Gackt fans in a non-rabid fan girl/boy kind of way ^_^

Otherwise, Joost is still getting Gackt fans who are upset about what he did, posting messages on the "Fraud exposed" vid, and on Joost’s personal vids, especially artemis. His official page has not changed for a few days.

And while he thanks his "fans" for standing up for him, and does apologize to people who "feel" he may have taken too many liberties with Gackt’s music..

but he does also state he will continue to make music depsite the recent "negativity"

No credit to Gackt has yet been given on either his Discography page where he lists the songs and ablums for sale (where he also credits himself as the composer), nor in the descriptions of his youtube videos.


moving on...

Do you want to compose music or write lyrics (that don’t rip off any of Gackt’s music...) but that Gackt will personally SING for you?

Well... look no further... Maybe.

There is a product called Vocaloid that’s been on the market since 2004 Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by just typing in lyrics and melody.

In the second release (Vocaloid 2) Once you compose the music or lyrics you want sung... a synthesized voice provided by voice actors.

The rumor
HERE is that Gackt has been asked to provide one of the Vocaloid voices.

However, in the article they even ask the question, being that this information was released on April first, it begs to wonder if it is an April Fool’s Joke.

It will remain to be seen when the 3rd in the Vocaloid series is said to be released (tentatively) in May.

If it turns out to be true... I, for one, will get it! LOL!

There is no word on the
official site, (and here) tho there has been rumored news there is a 3rd vocaloid being developed to be released sometime in 2008.

Time will tell ^_^

Monday, March 31, 2008

Final word on "Fraud"

Don’t panic if you see the Joost blog’s disappearing. I’m deleting them because I want to clean up this forum a bit. its starting to look messy and angry. LOL.

but here’s the final, long winded detail about this whole situation.

ok here’s the deal. I have to get working on my upcoming interview with Echostream for my radio show, and I want to get back to real Gackt news, so I’m going to put this puppy to rest.

When it comes to Joost Maglev, most will conceed that he’s got a knack at writing and singing.

however... no matter how you puppy dog face, sugar coat it... the songs are Gackt’s songs with MINOR tweeking to TRY sound different.. but they are so obviously tweeked Gackt songs.

You can actually sing along to his song with Gackt’s lyrics, even if you’re hearing the Joost version for the first time. That’s how identical the songs are.

They are Gackt’s songs even down to the way he sings them. Especially the Emu ~for my dears~, Dybbuk and Black stone rip offs.

his "fans" can also say that Caramel was so "obviously" a spoof of Vanilla.

However - he did not say "this is a parody", he did not mention Gackt, or even use Gackt’s name as a way to search for his material, which Gackt supposedly inspired. In fact, when I went to his official site before starting this campaign, Gackt was not mentioned.

I searched his youtube vids looking for a mention. Nada. You can say it was as obvious as you want.

Many Weird Al parodys are obvious... however... He credits the song he’s parodying and thanks the artist who performed the original song.

And he is known for parodying music. As far as I know, Joost is not. So he needs to take that extra step to say "This is a parody of Gackt’s vanilla."

Some of his fans also say... "he’s a new recording artist. he’s trying to find his footing, and he’s just using these songs as a stepping stone."

Fine, ok, It would be one thing if he said "These songs are tweeked versions of songs Gackt wrote... I want to showcase my band’s talents and my lyrics and vocals. However, credit goes to Gackt for the composition that we just reworked a bit."

however he’s claiming that these are HIS compositions... and SELLING THEM on his official website. Before this all happened, no where in his official site did he mention Gackt in the bios for each album he was selling or even list him as an "inspiration." it wasn’t till recently that he started doing that.

not to mention, he’s obviously found his footing. he knows he like J-rock, he knows he likes Gackt’s sound.... you can emulate that kind of genre and do a song in that "Style" without making it a carbon copy of another artist.

You can still make it your own. If he did that... Gackt fans would have a TOTALLY different opinion of him. Cause like I said... many of us conceed that he’s got a good voice, and some of his lyrics are pretty decent.

And if he hadn’t yet found his footing, he shouldn’t be putting the CD’s up for sale!!
However, what makes me sad is... there are many people (I know this is hard to believe) who do not know Gackt...

so when he omits the "this is a parody of Gackt’s Vanilla", "Thanks to Gackt’s Dybbuk that inspired this song", he’s doing a major injustice to the man he supposedly admires so much that every song sounds exactly like his... Its a perfect opportunity to get new fans into Gackt. They’d see "Parody of Gackt’s Vanilla" and 9 out of 10, they’d go and look up Gackt’s Vanilla to hear what the original is like.

in his youtube video for Artemis (At least when I saw it, before this all happened), it was blatantly Dybbuk/Lu:na, yet there is no mention of Gackt, of Gackt-spiration in his description, and he did not use "Gackt" as a search tag. He ONLY mentions Gackt when someone "WTF, this is Dybbuk" ’ed him.

Every artist is inspired by another artist. And yes at times you will see a suggested hint of that inspiration in music. However, Inspriation and a hint of inspiration included in the song, is not the same as using almost the entire core of a song, and just changing a note or two, and the lyrics. That’s called stealing. no matter how you candy cane it up.

Gackt was inspired by many people. Yet his songs are all original. Someone cited there is a hint of U2 in one of his songs. Sure. There’s a Hint of it, but you can’t take that entire song, and play it note for note against the original U2 song, cause Gackt didn’t rip that song off. It was his original material, with his influences mixed in. Joosts songs are note for note Vanilla, Dybbuk, for my Dear, Black Stone.

Its not like he wrote his own notes, his own melodies, his own beats, then in one bar did a run that Chacha did in U+K. Its not like he wrote an entirely original song, then made a tounge and cheek reference to Papa lapped a pap lopped (More lovingly known as "Papa lapped a lap top")

these were note for note Gackt’s songs with minor tweeks. it didn’t seem like he was even hiding the fact that they were so blatantly Gackt. THAT’s the problem fans have.
That and the fact that he doesn’t even acknowledge that he understands where Gackt fans are coming from. He just thinks saying he’s an admirer of Gackt, is his key to innocence and that Gackt fans decided to suddenly attack him.

Why would Gackt fans attack him for no good reason? We welcome Gackt fans, and we love good music. Why would we pick on this particular person, who just happens to have "Gackt sounding music" (To put it lightly) to pick on? And 50 Gackt fans are all having the same delusion about this poor guy? Mass hysteria perhaps? come on.
One of my favorite books is "Marley and Me" by John Gorgan (notice how I just gave him credit? Wow that was hard.)

His book inspired me to write a book of my own about dogs. however, my story is not a book about a wild dog that no one could tame who changed my life forever. Its a book about dogs... but its more of an advice book based on experience as an owner and former Veterinary technician (nurse).

As you can see... I can be inspired by another artist... give them credit.. and still come up with my own material. Its the same genre, the same subject, but its not a rip off or "Carbon copy sound alike" of that artist’s work.

Perhaps HIS "fans" think we’re over reacting... HOWEVER... we are very protective of our artists, some of us artists ourselves.

Its hard enough getting J-Rock artists to acknowledge the fans outside of Japan... and when someone does something like this that could jeopardize things for all of us...

(Ending fan tribute videos, Closing down fanpages/blogs, not allowing coversongs to be created.. and getting fans outside of Japan acknowledged for the wrong reasons...)
yes we do tend to get a little "rabid." But its justified. we’re trying to support someone we admire, and tell them we’re doing what we can to protect the sweat, tears and love they put into the songs that "inspire" us.

I’ve written 4 letters, 2 to DEARS and 2 to Gackt himself. Many people I know also did the same.

So We’ve done what we can, and the Ball is in Gackt’s court now. If you have not written to him or Dears, feel free to go to and do so now.

the more letters they recieve, the better chance we have of our letters not getting lost in the frey.

When you go to , click on "Skip" cause the flash intro is wicked cool, but uh... long. Click on your desired language (like English), then in the top corner there is a link to "messages to Gackt" and "Contact us" (to get in touch with Dears.)
No matter which side of the street you’re on.

Joost’s or Gackt fans against Joost... remember to keep it civil and show Gackt fans in a positive light.

also... limit it to 2 letters to Gackt and Dears, or 1 letter to Gackt and Dears. There are a lot of us that are writing or already have written.

Whether they look into it, or say they don’t really care, no harm no foul... I’m still glad we brought it to their attention. Gackt deserves the chance to say how he feels his songs should be used.

The only thing I can say now is to Cite this:

Van Winkle’s success also brought legal and personal problems. "
Ice Ice Baby" sampled the 1981 Queen and David Bowie collaboration "Under Pressure" without permission, acknowledging credit or paying royalties; Ice even denied in an interview on MTV that the song was sampled, despite the tracks’ undeniable melodic similarities. There was no public court case over the issue, but the copyright holders of "Under Pressure" threatened suit and settled out of court with Ice for an undisclosed sum. - Vanilla Ice

Ice didn’t really use NEARLY as much of Under Pressure as Joost uses of Gackt’s music... just the sample baseline... and he had to pay out because he did not get permission, acknowledge, credit or pay royalties to the copyright holders.

Its the same situation. Joost denies the overt similarities, he did not credit Gackt or acknowledge him until this started to come about, and he obviously isn’t paying royalties because he feels this is all "his" music "Despite the undeniable melodic similarities."
If you want to review this further for yourself, here’s the important stuff.

The "Exposed" Video

Joost’s Artemis ... ... which is a "carbon copy" of DYBBUK and Lu:na

Joost’s Youtube page

Joost’s official website -

Read his discography page, where he gives song lists of the songs on each CD he’s SELLING (where he credits himself as the composer and makes no mention of Gackt despite this.... (see the 3 songs below) )

Sanguis Christi - (Emu ~for my Dear~ note for note!)
Artemis - (Very obviously Dybbuk and Lu:na)
Magic Lantern - (A Tweeked Mirror by Gackt)

Joost - vocal, drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, english lyrics, composition

hmm. Not seeing a mention of Gackt.

I do see this in his older works, "Snowflakes 2003"

Track 2 written by GacktAll instruments on track 2 by Gackt Job

I wonder if he paid royalties for using the song on Track 2. I have to pay royalties every time I PLAY a song on my station. Same with using an artist’s work on a CD that’s being put up for SALE.

I wonder if Gackt even KNOWS he used his music on this CD. I saw NOTHING about "used with permission". If I can’t play a song without paying royalties... you know he can’t sell a song without the same courtesy.

Like I said. Kid’s got a good ability to write, and he’s got a good voice. I’ll give him that. I can’t give him a pass on the use of Gackt’s music without proper credit.

he’d have a good career if he’d start composing music that is J-rock sounding, that fits into the genre of music that inspires him, but is not a Gackt tune just rearranged a bit to try to make it sound different enough.

So read the links I’ve offered, and draw your own conclusions.