Saturday, June 28, 2008

Links to Bookmark and New Translation site

here are some important links you should add to your favorites. (The one in red is my new Translation site where I have begun translating Gackt's official myspace blogs into English.)

----------- (This myspace Gackt fan blog) (The sister site to this Gackt Fan Blog) (My New Blog that translates Gackt's blogs for you)


For the translation blog - my translating ability is still in it's newer stage, so they are translated to the best of my abilities, but the general gist is there. ^_^


Don't forget these sites (Gackt's official site) (Gackt's official myspace site) (my J-rock Radio station's site)


Also (My story of how I became a Gackt fan.) (Story of how Kitana Ash became a Gackt fan.)


There you guys go. Just some updates after cleaning up my blog a bit. ^_^

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