Friday, October 17, 2008

Gackt to release new single

People were wondering, with the relase of Nine*Nine, what Gackt's people meant that this boxset was his reintroduction into music. After all, it was a look back a the past... with the acception of a few songs that were unreleased such as "justified".

Now we know we are taking a quick look back, before moving forward with Gackt. While it is not yet available for pre-sale, Gackt's newest single "Jesus" will be coming out soon!!

more details to follow as they are available.

Ken Ogata will be missed

Famous Japanese actor Ogata Ken passed away last week at the age of 71. In 2000, Ogata was a recipient of the Japanese government’s Medal with Purple Ribbon, which is awarded for contributions in fields such as arts.

Ogata's famous films included the "Ballad of Narayama," "Vengeance is Mine," "The Demon," and "House on Fire". He leaves behind 2 sons, and a very sad friend in Gackt.

Here's Gackt's tearful final message to his friend.