Wednesday, December 2, 2009

End of Silence

December 9th Gackt will release his newest single "The end of Silence", which I believe is said to be the end song for the Wii game "Samurai Warriors 3"

I believe there will be 5 songs if I am translating this correctly (probably 2 or 3 songs plus their instrumentals.)

The Limited Edition DEARS release will have DVD video clips.

visit to pre-order this single.

The Gacktionary: Pre-order now

Gacktionary - a book commemorating the 10th anniversary of Gackt's solo debut.

Features many "Gacktisms" (Gackt sayings and phrases) as well as rare pictures of Gackt.

a must buy to add to your J-rock/Gackt collection.

Pre-order until December 19th, 2009.

And don't forget about these upcoming releases:

Kamen Rider the movie : 1-21-2010

Stay the Decade alive : 1-01-2010

End of Silence : 12-09-2009

Re:Born : 12-02-2009

Visual Live Tour : 1-27-2010

(I've already pre-ordered the stay the decade alive memorial single... the End of Silence single... and the Gacktionary. I'm going to wait for the visual live tour to hit ebay cause I'm at my spending limit.

I'm deciding on Re:Born still. It's a bit pricy right now considering all I've already pre-ordered. LOL)