Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gackt's Festival Videos

For those of you who remember... Gackt appeared in the annual Uesugi Kenshin Festival.

He was first seen laying flowers on the Grave of Uesugi Kenshin (Nagao Kagetora) donning all black from hair to shoes.

then Gackt then put on the costume of his Fuurin Kazan Character (Which just happens to be Uesugi Kenshin)... for the "annual taking of the feild".

He Rode what appeared to be an albino horse (From pictures it appears the horse has red eyes and no pigmentation, which is what would make it Albino.)

Thanks to some avid Gackt fans, and youtubers, we have some videos to share.

Double click on the videos to see the full size.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Gackt appears at the Kenshin Festival

Gackt made his appearance at the annual Uesugi Kenshin Festival Yesterday (for Japan that would be 8-24-07/8-23-07 for us in America).

He is seen here laying flowers on Kenshin (originally Nagao Kagetora) ’s grave at the garden temple in Joestsu city, Japan.

He donned all black, (Shirt, jacket, pants, shoes and sunglasses) as he visited the grave.
he also participated in the "taking of the feild" an annual tradition for the Uesugi Kenshin festival.

Gackt protrays Kenshin in the NHK production of "Fuurin Kazan" based on the novel, Samurai Banners of Furin Kazan by Yasushi Inoue.

(thanks to Niigata Nippon for the above photo.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

no news is good news

Hey all.

well... there's been no real Gackt news as of late. Hopefully that's because he's locked himself away somewhere and is working ultra hard at a new album, tv show or S.K.I.N. to ready himself for a S.K.I.N. American Tour. lol.

The only really news on Gackt has to do with Television appearances.

he's appeared on a few shows recently, one being Waratte Iitomo. I don't know much about that show, so I searched for info and found this on another great blog... Gakuhai.

This show seems to be the type of show where a guest comes on to talk, usually flowers from other stars are sent to them... (For Gackt... Hyde sent him flowers, I think congratulating him for being on the show).

Then when they're done with their appearance, they nominate another star to appear on the show next.

It seems, according to Gakuhai, Gackt nominated TMRevolution to be next.

the Next thing is about Fuurin Kazan. I really love this show. For those who haven't read my [ 風林火山 (gackt in Fuurin Kazan) ] blog on my myspace account ,

I've been actively promoting buying this box set when it comes out on DVD. Gackt doesn't appear in the first half of the show, its mostly backstory to our main character, Yamamoto Kansuke. I thought I'd be bored until Gackt appeared, but in actuallity, even sans Gackt, it was an awesome adaptation of a very good book. (Samurai Banners of Furin Kazan).

All of the actors do a great job, and its a very emotionally tugging story that has comedy, tear jerking moments, LOTS of action- something for everyone.

Anyway. They're pretty much done filming the series. Just a few wrap up scenes and it should be over soon.

They're on episode 36 in Japan, maybe 37 by now... and the series is only 49 episodes long.

due to my vactation, doctors appointments still stemming from a serious car accident I was in back in November, and such... I've fallen behind and am only 26 episodes into the raw, and I've only been able to translate 9 episodes to English. (I can't wait for the box set. Translating is hard work!)

But like I said, the series is great, and it would be well worth the money for when the box set comes out!! So look for it.

Here are two Gackt related Youtube vids... promos for episodes 35 and 36 of Fuurin Kazan



if I can find a video for the Waratte Iitomo episode, I'll post it.

Sore Dewa for now!