Friday, August 24, 2007

Gackt appears at the Kenshin Festival

Gackt made his appearance at the annual Uesugi Kenshin Festival Yesterday (for Japan that would be 8-24-07/8-23-07 for us in America).

He is seen here laying flowers on Kenshin (originally Nagao Kagetora) ’s grave at the garden temple in Joestsu city, Japan.

He donned all black, (Shirt, jacket, pants, shoes and sunglasses) as he visited the grave.
he also participated in the "taking of the feild" an annual tradition for the Uesugi Kenshin festival.

Gackt protrays Kenshin in the NHK production of "Fuurin Kazan" based on the novel, Samurai Banners of Furin Kazan by Yasushi Inoue.

(thanks to Niigata Nippon for the above photo.)

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