Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Happy Birthday to GACKT who will be celebrating his 39th today. Thanks for over a decade of great music... Here's to decades more! Happy Birthday! You've been an inspiration to your fans, your music has been a beacon of light for many looking for something to grasp onto in dark times. Fans use your music as the theme songs of their lives.

We look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.

Also happy birthday to my beautiful Bichon Princess Yoshi Yuu (Partially named for Gackt's Character in Bunraku.) I adopted her from a rescue the day they released the name of Gackt's Character in the movie in 2008. I was able to take her home a day after the 4th of July (her actual birthday). She will be turning 6 today, and tomorrow will be the anniversary of the day I adopted her 4 years ago! My beautiful pup pup.

Just a quick get well to my other pup Dojo Kansuke, who just had oral surgery. His widdle gums are swollen today, but he's handling it like a big boy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sengoku Basara

hey guys. Sorry it has been so long.

GACKT has been fairly quiet major news wise, and I've been busy working on a book I am writing. Anyhoo... finally some cool news.

Fans of the video game turned anime "Sengoku Basara" (like me) can look forward to a live action version of the video game/anime, starring GACKT as warlord Oda Nobunaga.

 I personally think he'd have been better as Masamune Date... but its cool to see him at all. I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GACKT's "Graffiti" Video

GACKT's new single - the third opening theme for the anime "Sket Dance"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bunraku Review: Warning - spoilers!

So I finally got my copy of Bunraku and was able to watch it. I've written a review and I have some GACKT screencaps. Just be aware this review will contain spoilers. So if you haven't seen the movie, but plan to, this is the time to stop reading.

To be completely honest, the only reason I really bought it was to support GACKT. I didn't hold much hope for the actual movie... especially after the panning it got from some critics. However, I must say I was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this movie. That isn't to say it wasn't flawed, because this movie had a lot of flaws... however, none of the flaws were big enough to make me not enjoy the film.

Starting with the main characters -

The Drifter (Played by Josh Hartnett) was an interesting character. He has the strength of an ox, he could kill a man with a single punch. He wants to go after Nicola, also known as the woodcutter, but the reason is not known till the very end of the movie. He's a bit comical... for some reason he "smokes" fake cigarettes. its assumed that he is trying to stop smoking. however, whenever he has a chance, he will grab someone's cigar or cigarette and sniff it. He also appears to be afraid of heights. Especially in a scene where he had to use a trapeze to fight a bad guy. He is the kind of character you'd see in a comic. He is a man of a few words, and is fast with his hands. He uses this speed to win a card game with Nicola... Nicola isn't actually there, he is watching everything from his headquarters on a large screen, those in attendance can only see him on a screen as well. As much as they can at least, as he is hiding his face with his giant hat. He had someone physically at the game in his stead. The drifter basically wins everything, but he gives the money he won back, except for what he 'borrows' in order to enter the game. He states he didn't feel it was fair to take the money, that if he were going to take the money, he would want it to be face to face. this was a sly way of challenging Nicola to what would ultimately be the final battle. Josh Hartnett was excellent in the role. He looked the part, felt the part, and brought a sense of realism to the character.

Yoshi (Played by GACKT). When we first see Yoshi, he is at his Uncle's restaurant talking to his Uncle and cousin about wanting to find Nicola and the 'red suit' army (called that because they all wear red suits) to try to get back a gold medallion that was stolen from his father. It is his father's dying wish. He even brought money to buy it back, although his uncle warns him, these people are not the type to just hand something over.  right on cue, Yoshi gets into his first fight. It was hilarious watching Yoshi fight the pain of eating a mouthful of wasabi sauce just to intimidate the red suits who entered the restaurant. (If you've ever eaten wasabi paste... a small dab will burn your nose hairs off.) Of course he destroys the restaurant in the fight... and is immediately kicked out by his uncle. Yoshi is an honorable villager who just wants to do the right thing. It is eluded to by his uncle that his father, while an honorable man who also believed in doing the right thing, may have used violence as a solution to problems, which his uncle did not like and was wary that Yoshi may follow the same path (which he claims ultimately leads to destruction)... Yoshi did not want to follow this way, however, he is pulled into it on more than one occasion. I have to say, for his first "Hollywood" debut... GACKT did an AMAZING job. You forget he's a Japanese musician because he's such a brilliant actor. I can't see anyone else in this role... and I'm not just saying this as his fan. My brother saw the movie, and doesn't even know who he is, and said he was excellent in the role.

The Bartender (Played by Woody Harrelson) is like an anti-hero type hero. He sets things up, gets the characters in place, and pushes Yoshi and the Drifter to work together to defeat Nicola, a seemingly untouchable bad guy. Many have tried to overthrow him before, no one has ever even gotten passed his assassins. The Bartender knows someone will eventually come forward and take him down, and he knows it will be The Drifter and Yoshi, so he sets it up for them to come together to defeat the common enemy. He basically, in a very sly way, gets the two to beat the crap out of each other, knowing Yoshi and the Drifter are equally matched... hoping that would bring equal respect. At first it doesn't seem as if they'll get along, but when Yoshi is captured, the bartender knowingly tells the Drifter, knowing the Drifter will break him out. And after "borrowing" his money, and returning it, the two finally team up to defeat Nicola. He is one of the true heroes because he is the one who sets those two in motion and gets them to where they need to be to defeat Nicola... even putting himself in danger to help get them to where they need to be. He even claims he's not a hero nor does he want to be... but really, that's what he is. (which is why I called him the anti-hero, hero. the kind who claims not to be a hero, when he really is.) What I liked about Woody Harrelson's acting is that he had this twinkle in his eye. This knowing look. A look of wisdom that just made the bartender a great character.

Nicola (Played by Ron Perlmann) is a character who had so much potential, and a great actor to bring him to life... yet the writers kind of failed him. *spoilers here* Nicola is suppose to be the strongest character of the movie. Kind of like the last boss you'd have to defeat in the video game. As hard as the other baddies are to beat in a game... they are generally nothing compared to the final boss. He is at the top of totem pole. Even the most brutal and feared assassin in his red suit army, killer #2, is nothing compared to him. Killer #2 would not dare go against Nicola. Nicola is in love with Alexandra, his concubine (for lack of a better word), and wants to marry her and have her bare him an heir. he also dreams of coming face to face with a worthy opponent. Someone equal to him in strength. even if he dies, he will die as he wanted: In battle. he even tells the Drifter when they come face to face, right before he attempts to kill him... he says something like (And this is a loose quote, can't remember the exact quote)... "no matter how strong you are, there is always someone stronger than you. the only problem is where is he when you need him?" after he says this, the Drifter totally pwns him, and as Nicola lays dying, the drifter says "The man who told you that... was my father." (and thus we know why he set out to kill Nicola. Vengeance for his father.) The biggest flaw with Nicola was that, for someone so strong, he really didn't do anything. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, we rarely saw him. And he was so easy to defeat. he was tricked in a 'let down your guard' moment... a moment where he thought he had the upper hand... and he was surprised by the Drifter who attacked him with stealth. It was so quick and he went down so easily for being, again, what could be likened to the final boss of a video game. The writers could have done so much more with that end fight. It wasn't really a fight. The Drifter gets stabbed with an axe in the shoulder, then uses one of Yoshi's arrows to kill Nicola. It was that simple. Yoshi had a much harder time of it with killer #2. That being said... Ron Perlmann did a great job, despite not being given the proper storyline he and the character deserved.

Alexandra (Played by Demi Moore) is Nicola's concubine. (again for lack of a better word). She doesn't seem to be a willing love interest for Nicola, by the remark that her wish would be to love him "as a FREE woman", underscoring the fact that she was his property, and not there of her own free will. this is another character that was not used to her potential. Through a comic book style drawing, we find out that she had a lover who was badly injured by Nicola and his men, and she threw herself between them and him and offered herself if they would spare his life. Which is how she became Nicola's girl. *Spoiler here* We learn very quickly that the man she gave herself to protect was the Bartender. However, minus a brief meeting before her assumed death in a fire... nothing ever comes of that storyline. It's almost like: Why bother then? Alexandra also had a relatively small part in the movie, considering the big named actress portraying her. Again, missed opportunity for a great additional storyline.

Killer #2 (Played by Kevin McKidd) Since Nicola's strength was only assumed in the movie as he never actually got involved in many fights... Killer #2 (or Assassin #2) was arguably the strongest character in the movie next to the Drifter and Yoshi. He was the leader of Nicola's red suit army. there were 9 top killers, in order of their strength. he was #2 because there was no one who could match his strength and skill other than Nicola (who is considered #1 obviously). He is ruthless. His turning point is his final battle with Yoshi. This is what a real battle should be. Not just a, "You hit me so I hit you back" one punch fight... this was an all out brawl between honor and evil, good and bad, and it was anyone's guess who would win. *Spoiler here* Yoshi gets badly beaten up. He gets one good stab at Killer #2, but only manages to cut his suit jacket. He, on the other hand, gets run through by Killer #2's sword. So things looked really bleak at that point... however, like all bad guys usually do,  you have the proverbial "let down your guard when you think you have the upper hand" moment, and Yoshi uses that moment to defeat #2. Although #2 isn't going down without a fight. Even after Yoshi runs him through with his blade and sticks him to a tree... he tries to kill Yoshi with his last breath.

All in all, the movie was fantastic. Lots of action, lots of well choreographed fight scenes, some very interesting characters, and of course it has a good ending. *Spoilers here* Yoshi and the Drifter both survive obviously. Yoshi gets his father's medallion back from Nicola, and the Drifter avenges his father... and for the first time, he gives in and smokes a real cigarette. Yoshi's uncle was killed by #2 earlier in the film... leaving his cousin an orphan. Instead of going with Yoshi, she decides to stay with the Bartender who is opening a bar that also serves sushi and saki. Yoshi and the Drifter say goodbye to them, and each other, eluding to the fact they'll probably all meet again. And with a handshake, the movie is over.

Again, as much as I loved this movie, there were flaws. Nicola not displaying his fearsome strength more often... and when the final fight occurs, when it's his big chance to really have a battle... he gets taken down pretty easily. Obviously you want the good guy to win... but at the same time, you'd like him to win after a good fight. With a great actor like Ron Perlmann, they could have done so much more. And again, Alexandra not being utilized better than she was. Demi Moore is a great actress, and the character had a great storyline potential when we found out her true love was the Bartender.

some parts were also quite campy, especially in the beginning. The first time the red suit army enters there's this little sing songy "RED SUUUUUITS" that just made your eyes roll.

The first 15 minutes were a little confusing. The character and plot development took a little longer than it should have. Before you finally understood all that was going on... the movie was already well under way.

That being said... again... this was a great movie that gets better each time you watch it. I can see this being another fan made classic like Sin City.

I give it a solid A.

(Click on the screencaps for bigger pics. Please do not re-use without giving credit to this blog. http://camuigakuto.blogspot.com/ ... Thanks)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Stuff to Watch For

Hey guys. New merchandise for your GACKT collection coming up.

Bunraku has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Get your copy at Amazon.com

On CDjapan you'll be able to pre-order all these new Gackt items.

GACKT in Europe official photobook ($151.40 USD)

GACKT in Nemuri Kyoshiro (stage play) on DVD ($84.12 USD)

New Single from anime "Sket Dance" - Graffiti (with bonus poster) ($15.14 USD)

Graffiti single + DVD  with bonus poster  ($22.71 USD)

GACKT Diary 2012 ($69.39 USD)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

MTV has a special interview with GACKT that includes a never before seen clip of GACKT as "Yoshi" in Bunraku. (Currently out in limited release. Coming to DVD November 1st... Already have my copy pre-ordered... do you?)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

GACKT Commercials

found some funny Gackt Commercials from last year I thought I'd share.

Bunraku vids and Gackt News

We have some new clips from GACKT's appearance in "Bunraku" (out in limited release at theaters Sept. 30th.)

| Bunraku | Movie Trailer | Review

Bunraku | Movie Trailer | Review

Also, From the Anime News Network:

The manga creator quartet CLAMP drafted the Moon Saga Yoshitsune Hiden (Moon Saga: The Secret of Yoshitsune) stage play with singer Gackt in the lead role, and the play will run in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Osaka between July 15 and August 26 of next year. 

Gackt will play the title role of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a general who was critical to the Genpei War that inspired the literary classic Heike Monogatari (Tale of the Heike). The play's version of Yoshitsune will possess strange powers. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


O Beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain

For purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plains

America, America, God shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood from Sea to shining sea

we will never forget.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big Bunraku news and 0

New OFFICIAL Bunraku trailer hits youtube... and BUNRAKU HITS THE THEATERS!! September 30th!

So get out and see the movie! I'm excited, it's like a birthday present just for me. hee hee (My birthday is Sept 23rd. hee hee)

More good news for GACKT:

his new hit single "0" is his 39th top 10 hit! It reached #3 in last week's single charts!

Congrats to GACKT on Bunraku and 0.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Gackt


July 4th, 1973

The day you were born, the heavens knew how special you were going to be to the world.

For your music, for your talents, and for sharing those talents with all of us, from the bottom of our hearts... we, your fans.. your dears... thank you.

On a side note: Happy 5th birthday to Yoshi (Princess) Yuu, my beloved Bichon puppy who was named after GACKT's Bunraku character, and shares the same birthday as GACKT.

Why I'm a GACKT fan

A tribute video (Its funny, but made with love. LOL)

Fans, please feel free to leave birthday wishe
s here in the comments section, or on the facebook page

Love Always


*I'm Celebrating GACKT'S birthday by getting a tan. lol*

(quick shameless self promotion to fellow GACKT fans, click my name which is linked to my personal blog and friend me on facebook! Also, check me out HERE) lol

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Gackt to me

Hey all... Andrea here. I'm Your ever adorable, sweet, kindhearted, and yet somehow still single, webmistress of this GACKT News Fan blog. I was also running the Myspace Gackt forum until myspace became too frustrating, and I moved it here and to Facebook.

Some of you GACKT fans may actually know me by my station persona DJ Mayu of J-Rock us! Radio

<-- me as DJ Mayu I was working on my radio station - J-Rock us! Radio and I was thinking of ways to make the show better.

That got me to thinking about how I got to be a J-Rock fan in the first place. It's been a while since I've talked about that time, so I thought I'd share that story with other GACKT fans. Feel free to share your stories as well.

I was actually introduced to GACKT in 2005 by a friend who was into J-Rock. I didn't really listen to J-Rock other than what I heard on Japanese anime. I listened to classical music mostly, and country. (yes country). Sometimes other artists that had any real talent and wasn't just manufactured. I also listened to a lot of musical theater, as I was a professional musical theater actress myself. Music is a big part of my life. Just not J-Rock at the time.

In 2004, my dad (who was suffering from cancer) had taken a turn for the worse and was in and out of the hospital. My grandma (on my mom's side) and my uncle (my mom's brother who lived with my grandma)... came to stay with us because my grandma wasn't feeling well. She ended up in the hospital around the same day my dad had to go to the hospital for one of his many episodes related to Chemo. When we had gotten home, had dinner and settled in for the night, my uncle had a massive heart attack and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

It was a stressful time in our life. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer, my dad was sick, and my uncle was in the process of having quadruple bypass surgery. In January of 2005 a former co-worker, a girl only one year older than myself at that time, died suddenly from a blood clot in her leg. I was attending her funeral, and it just made me want to hug everyone I loved. Her age also put things into perspective for me. It made me think about my own life and how I need to live more and love more.

So after the funeral I went to visit my grandmother in the hospital because I wanted to tell her how much I loved her. My mother wasn't there, I assumed she was with my dad or my uncle. So the nurses took me into the ICU room where she had been sent a few days earlier after developing complications from a stomach surgery they had to do. the nurses were very friendly, asking me how the weather outside was, was it still sunny, they said how sorry they were about my co-worker as my mom told them I was at a funeral, they told me my mom and my brothers had gone home and if I stopped by to have me call them.

once we got into the waiting area of the ICU, all the nurses cornered me like cops corner a robber. Their friendly expressions changed instantly. I knew I was going to hear something I didn't like, but I honestly didn't expect them to tell me my grandma died while I was at the funeral for my co-worker. unfortunately, that is exactly what they told me. They said my mom had tried to get ahold of me, but my phone was shut off out of respect during the service. I was very close to my grandma so I kind of lost it when I heard.

They hadn't taken her out of the room yet, so when I calmed down enough, they allowed me to go and see her one more time. It was odd because I thought I was in the wrong room. It didn't look like my grandma anymore. My grandma was full of life, she always seemed younger than she really was, she was so healthy, always smiling, her eyes always bright and cheerful. The person in that bed was none of those things. I just remember crying and saying how sorry I was that I wasn't there.

Everyone took it hard. She was a big influence on my family. It took a while, but we were starting to recover. My uncle survived his heart surgery, but he was taking a long time to heal. My dad was in and out of the hospital, but that was not unusual for him. One evening in May, my mom got a call that my dad stopped breathing and was put on life support. This wasn't new to us either. My dad had been on life support before. This was like the 3rd time. The next day I got a call from my brother at work. I needed to get to the hospital. They were removing my dad from life support, and this time, he wasn't going to be okay.

It was strange. My dad opened his eyes for a few minutes after the tubes were removed. He couldn't see, but he turned his head in the direction of people talking. He squeezed our hands to let us know he heard us. My brothers, my mom and I told him we loved him. his sisters were there with my uncles and they also told him they loved him. We knew from his eyes this was the last time we could say that. within minutes he slipped into a coma. We slept in the room all night. He was snoring. We knew deep down that he was already gone. His body was just taking time to shut down.

The next day, my aunts and uncles had gone back to the house to catch a nap. I went to the hospital cafeteria to get a snack. My brothers ran to get me and told me it was time. We all surrounded his bed as his blood pressure started to drop rapidly. Within 5 minutes of the warning signs, my dad took his last breath with my brothers, my mom and myself all hugging and kissing him goodbye. It's been 6 years, but even as I type this, I get a pain of emotion remembering that moment. My aunts and uncles arrived after he passed and they spent some time with him before we left.

when all was done, we went home to prepare the funeral arrangements. Everyone went into my dad's room where he had spent the last few years. It was like a hospital room. He had a hospital type bed with a side rail so that it would be too hard for him to fall out because the cancer made his bones brittle and even a small fall could do serious damage. He had his oxygen tanks where he left them by his bed, his bible by the bed side, he read it every night. Everyone wandered the room touching everything. I couldn't bring myself to go passed the door.

I also found it hard to cry. I don't know if it was the shock of losing someone so close my my grandma, or the shock that he died at all... we use to joke that despite all his health issues, he'd probably outlive us all. But it felt like I had emotionally shut down. I was completely devoid of any emotion. I think that was probably worse than if I had felt the sadness I was meant to feel.

My dad was being buried in the state where he and my mom originally came from, and before we packed up and left, my friend told me to sit by myself somewhere and listen to this song. It was by an artist named "GACKT", and the song was Tsuki no Uta. I told her I didn't know Japanese and never heard of that artist before, but she said it didn't matter. just listen to it.

That night before we left, I did. I listened to every word, to the sound of his voice, to the sound of the orchestration. I didn't understand a thing he was saying, yet somehow I felt I knew exactly what he meant.

By the time GACKT got to "Kimi no daisuki na Tsuki no uta o", I started crying. All the feelings I should have felt but couldn't, all the sadness that was trapped inside of me waiting to come out, finally surfaced.

After listening to that song a hundred times and crying and crying, I started to feel better, I started to feel like I was healing. From then on, I searched for more of GACKT. I listened to every song I could find. GACKT ended up being to me, one of those musicians that transcended the language barrier. Even if you couldn't speak a word of Japanese, you still knew what he was trying to say. It was his voice, it was the composition of the music, it was the raw passion and emotion.

There is no voice equal to GACKT. He has a talent that reaches across the world to touch those who listen to him. I have met few true artists that are able to do that.

GACKT pulled me through many hard times. The untimely passing of my uncle who died a year after his heart attack, the passing of my pet rabbit and pet iguana, a serious car accident I was in that still causes me issues even today. Gackt's music helped me through it all. Tsuki no Uta, Todokanai, 12Gatsu no love song, Hoshi no Suna

His music celebrated the good times with me. Winning a singing contest, Getting first place for a painting I did, Getting a role in a musical show... GACKT was the main influence for the names of my dogs Dojo Kansuke and Yoshi (Princess) Yuu. His songs inspired me and made me smile. Black Stone, U+K, Vanilla...

GACKT also opened my eyes to all of the other great artists I love today. Hyde (Vamps/L`arc~en~ciel), Orange Range, Do as Infinity, GLAY, The GazettE, so on.

And if it wasn't for GACKT's influence... I'd have never started my radio station: J-Rock us! Radio celebrating the best music Japan has to offer (Which includes a GACKT special every Saturday). (which I actually have to update. lol)

I'll probably never meet GACKT, (Although, I admit he'd be my dream interview for my radio station.) I probably will never be lucky enough to see him perform live, I don't think I'd even get a response from him if I sent him a fan letter. So this little blog that I run is my way of saying "Thanks" since I'll never be able to do say it to him personally.

Through this blog I hope to keep English speaking fans in the know of all the latest GACKT news, and maybe even introduce new GACKT fans to all that is GACKT.

anyhoo. Thanks for listening to my story. It really needed to be told so others can understand why I devote my time as a GACKT fan.

Oh, speaking of... there is still time to Pre-Order Gackt's newest single "Episode 0" through CDJapan

The limited edition is $21.99 USD, or you can get a first press regular edition for $14.99 USD.

as always... please, if you love an artist, support them by buying their merchandise.

Friday, June 24, 2011

This goes under "lol"

according to the one who posted this... this was all scripted.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 0 Vids

The original version of Episode 0 (Gackpoid)

Gackt's version of Episode 0

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Tour, New Look

GACKT's new look for the upcoming second Yellow Fried Chicken tour

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gackt to release new single

(Thanks to Music Japan+ for this information)

It has been announced that GACKT will be releasing his 39th single and the record is a collaboration with Nico Nico Douga. In 2009 the "GACKPOID Contest" has been started, which was meant to make use of "vocal creation software" programmed with GACKT's voice. Out of the contest the two songs "Episode.0" and "Paranoid Doll" will also be included on the CD.

Moreover, the first press limited edition will come with the PC for "Episode.0", which was an original video on Nico Nico Douga and has been reproduced by GACKT with himself appearing. The original video is already available, whereas the PV is said to be released shortly.

Moreover, GACKT will also be going on tour in Europe for the second year in a row, traveling through nine countries to perform 14 shows.

(This blog update is dedicated to Big Boid, my conure parrot who passed away today.)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"The Tempest"

The Tempest is a new Historical Drama from NHK (who many will remember, ran the historical drama Furin Kazan).

Tempest is about a woman who uses her beauty and talent of imitation to gain power in the government. It takes place at the end of the Ryukyu Dynasty.

GACKT has been announced as having an original character on the series.

There is no word on who that original character is, or how big of a part GACKT will play. No air date has been set at this time either... but it's still something to look forward to.

Another 7.1 Earthquake

Hey guys. Please keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers at this time. They have suffered yet another 7.1 earthquake and are once again on the watch for another potential tsunami.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Gackt Site and Japan Fund Raiser

Gackt has been heading a Japanese quake relief effort through the "show your heart" foundation. To date they have raised 170,000,000 yen.

For friends of Japan who would still like to help the relief effort... please visit http://redcross.org Even for a small donation of $10, the red cross would be able to buy purified bottled water to send to Japan.

In other Gackt News... I have decided to close down the Gackt News Myspace page. Myspace has gotten less user friendly. I have past blogs that were written in white against a black background. They changed the format and now the lettering is invisible and it won't let me fix the previous blogs... so I've reopened the Gackt News Fan site Here:


Feel free to stop buy, friend the site and keep up to date on the latest Gackt news. Thanks again for understanding.

<3 Ara

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Earthquake

Thousands have died, hundreds if not thousands more are still missing, thousands have been injured, and everyone across the world has been affected by the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan on 3-11-2011.

Thousands are without homes, food or usable water.

Join the relief effort and show your support for the people of Japan.

Visit http://redcross.org to make a donation. Any donation helps. For as small as a $10 donation, the Red Cross could get a few cases of bottled water, or food or toiletries for some of those in need in Japan.

Lady Gaga has also joined the relief effort. For a $5 donation you can buy a bracelet, specially designed by Lady Gaga, that says "We Pray for Japan" in English and Japanese.

Visit http://www.ladygaga.com to purchase the bracelet. You can also choose to make a small side donation on top of the $5 for the bracelet. Every little bit helps.

Again, I also pray for Japan and all those affected by this terrible disaster.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sorry it has been so long

Sorry it has been so long. I have been engrossed in writing a book that is set to be published soon... and it has taken up all if not most of my time.

There really hasn't been much news on Gackt anyway. He's been fairly quiet. Mostly we are still waiting for Bunraku. No word on when it will be released other than it's due out sometime this year (tentatively)... and a trailer was released. It was pretty awesome... but it turned out to be a fake. Still awesome though.

Also, Gackt will be doing voice work for an anime called "Supernatural". that's pretty much it right now.

Again, I apologize for the absurd amount of time it's been since I've updated the site. I will try to be more on top of things in the future.

In a bit of related news... I was thinking of canceling this site's myspace sister site and reopening it on facebook. thoughts? Opinions?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gackt Bunraku live panels

Gackt at the Toronto Movie festival a few days ago. There is a panel where all of the actors speak. Gackt... not sure what the hell he's saying, but there ya go. lol (the second video he's more understandable... sort of. LOL)

Bunraku Panel

Bunraku Panel 2

here are a few pics.

in a previous blog I posted a TIFF interview with Gackt where he mentions that he would like to do another tour next year to help promote the film, including tour dates in America.


Bunraku Review

The Film Stage has reviewed Bunraku and has given the movie an over all 9 stars out of 10. Not too shabby.

even better news...

it looks like we should be looking for the movie by the end of 2010 according to the site. So my predictions that it could be an early 2011 movie (Jan-Feb) seemed almost spot on.

pretty exciting ^_^

Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Bunraku

Thanks to the Bunraku Blog for this info.

Interview with Gackt for Bunraku

Bunraku is also mentioned on Entertainment Weekly's site... and if you read the comments, you'll see there's a lot of ticked off Gackt fans that he wasn't mentioned in the article. I found that amusing. ^_^

Gackt plays a Samurai type character named Yoshi. (That's how I came to name my pup, Yoshi, when I adopted her. It was in homage to Gackt.) ^_^

also... Gackt-tastic Saturday is playing right now till midnight. You still have 4 hours left to hear it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gackt-Tastic Saturday - last chance to listen

Gackt-tastic Saturday is an all Gackt show. Gackt music, Gackt Trivia, Gackt talk. Don't hear the song you like? I'll get it up for you by next saturday!

There's only a few more hours of Gackt-tastic Saturday left. (it ends midnight, Sunday)

So listen soon! The Gacktness won't return until next week.


if you have any other j-rock requests... email me at jrockusradio@gmail.com

Friday, September 3, 2010

All Gackt Saturdays!

If you're a Gackt fan and want to hear all Gackt music all day Saturday... then click the link below


Starting at midnight... Gackt takes over the airwaves for the next 24 hours! Gackt remains the station's #1 most requested artist, so I have dedicated an entire day to him!

Gackt-tastic Saturdays are on J-Rock us! Radio all Saturday, every saturday. It's all Gackt. Gackt talk, Gackt news, Gackt trivia, and above all... Gackt music.

If there's a Gackt song you don't hear that you want to... feel free to let me know at jrockusradio@gmail.com

Also... if you have any J-music request... you can email me and I'll get it on the air for you. Every Tuesday (once enough requests come in) will be dedicated to the music you want to hear on J-Rock us! Radio


**legal disclaimer: all music played on live365.com is purchased legally, and live365 pays the proper royalties as is part of the station rent agreement.**

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gackt finishes Fried Chicken Tour

Gackt's Fried Chicken Tour is officially over. The last concert was a total blast according to OOPs Music blog in Japan.

There was a lifesized Gackt ice sculpture... and everyone from concert goers to staff to the band were asked to wear swimming suits.

Gackt and his band entered the stage wearing swim trunks and hawaiian shirts. (which Gackt quickly removed)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kenshin Returns - J-Rock Music Station online!

Since 1926, There has been a festival in Joetsu, Niigata prefecture, honoring feudal Japan warlord Uesugi Kenshin.

Since his appearance as Uesugi Kenshin in the drama "fuurin Kazan", Gackt has been a regular at the festival, portraying Kenshin riding on a white horse in triumphant return.

This year was no different. On August 22nd, 2010... Gackt once again portrayed a triumphantly returning Uesugi Kenshin.

coming up next on August 29th, he will be performing a live show at Zepp Tokyo.

For those that area also interested... J-Rock Us! Radio is finally back on the air... featuring many Gackt songs throughout the day. There is also a special on Saturday's called "GACKT-tastic Saturdays". I play all Gackt, all day long.

Jesus, Ever, Orenji no Taiyou, Ghost, Lust for Blood, all the best of Gackt all Saturday, EVERY saturday. Also, for Gamers and anime lovers... there's a special All Wednesday devoted to video games, manga and anime. Interviews with those in the anime/game industry... music from popular animes and video games, as well as game tips, manga/anime/game reviews, and more. So be sure to check the station out! I'm hoping one day, the station will get popular enough to be able to secure big name interviews like Miyavi. maybe even one day Gackt.

Tune into J-Rock us Radio.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Bunraku Pics

We finally have a view of Gackt in Bunraku, set to be released in 2011.

There are more pictures of Bunraku at this website:


however there are no other pictures of Gackt at this time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Gackt Projects Released Soon

July 28, 2010 - New Single : "Ever"

This new release features a song from the upcoming RPG game "Dragon Next".

Limited Edition first press at http://cdjapan.co.jp is 1800 Yen or $19.80 US and includes a bonus DVD.

the regular edition sans DVD is 1200 Yen or $13.50 US.

July 21, 2010 - "The Eleventh Day" Singles Collection

This collection includes songs such as "Kimi Ni Aitakute", "Black Stone", "JESUS", "Returner", "Flower" and "Lost Angel".

First Press with the bonus is 3000 Yen or $31.42 US.

June 23, 2010 - "Are You Fried Chicken?"

Collectors CD of the music used in Gackt's Fried Chicken Tour (coming to a European theater near you... sold out if you haven't gotten a ticket already... sry)

Songs such as "LU:NA", "JUSTIFIED", "Mind Forest", "Dybbuk" and "Uncontrolled"

This CD is 2857 Yen or $31.42 US

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gackt on Message! to Asia

According to Music Japan+, Gackt will be costarring with South Korean actor Bae Young Joon as part of a charity program called Message! to Asia.

recording will take place in December... the program will air in January. If you live in Japan or will be in Japan around December 14th, and you have 8,400 Yen... you can participate in the program.

People who register before the end of September will be given priority it ticket booking. Thanks again to Music Japan+ for this project.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gackt Conquers Europe

Hey all. Sorry its been so long since I've posted anything. Gackt has thankfully been fairly quiet. (Probably because he's been doing his stage play and working as a voice actor for an anime and video game.)

There is a bit of news several people have emailed me about.
Gackt is having a mini european tour...

2010/07/16 - O2 Academy Islington - London / UK
2010/07/18 - Alhambra - Paris / France
2010/07/20 - Salamandra - Barcelona / Spain
2010/07/22 - Theaterfabrik - Munich / Germany
2010/07/24 - Zeche - Bochum / Germany

I verified the dates, so as of now, this seems to be the schedule. Great news for France, Spain, Germany and the UK... but nothing coming to the states yet... but this is a very hopeful sign. Perhaps an American tour will be following. One can only hope.

That's about it for now.

if you want to chat, you can follow me on twitter - Im_a_drea

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bunraku and Rock Band: Japan

first off, according to Gackt.com , Bunraku is set to come out 2011. So once again, we are on a waiting game. (I did not see if there were speculations on WHEN in 2011... IE earlier in the year or later.) So I'll keep you posted.


by now at least 90% of you have heard of the game: Rock band.

There's Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band: The Beatles, Rock Band: Country, Rock Band: Metal, Rock Band: AC/DC, Legos Rock Band... So on.

Well a few years ago, according to "The Escapist" blog... Creators of the game, Harmonix, was considering creating a Rock Band: Japan featuring J-Rock artists like L`arc~en~ciel

Now it appears that is not going to happen.

however... they are considering coming out with a Japanese package via DLC (downloadable content)

the artists they are considering... (none of this is set in stone. This is still an idea being played with...)

the GazettE
Dir en grey
An Café
Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintent~

So lets keep our fingers crossed that this does happen. Maybe a few excited letters to Harmonix to encourage them to go forward with the DLC project could be done. Let them know if you are a Rock Band player this would rock in your eyes, and if you're not a Rock Band player, this could turn you into one which would bring them new customers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gackts live stage play in progress.

My favorite game... caption these Gackt photos! weee. These are some photos of Gackt during his stage performance.

MY SWORD! MINE! You can't have it!!

Not cool dude... not cool...

OMG I have to pee pee so bad.

You bother me during lunch? that pisses me off!

Congratulations Gackt on a successful show! I'm hoping for a DVD release so I can see it too!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gackt is still beautiful, and this proves it.

Gackt is #2 in a Japanese top 10 most beautiful men list. (#1 is currently held by Fukuyama Masahara... not a bad looking guy, he's pretty cute... but not someone I'd say is more beautiful than Gackt...)

but of course I'd be accused of being biased, so I won't say it. (Even if it is true). LOL

Congratulations to Gackt for being beautiful. ^_^

Also making the top 10 list... Hyde from Vamps and L`arc~en~ciel, who comes in at #9

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Work for Gackt

Gackt will be taking on the role of the villian Belskard in the videogame Dragon Nest.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gackt switches labels and Bunraku

Gackt has currently left his music label and has joined forces with the Avex Group Label. Following this news comes the news that a new single is forthcoming from the new label in June. (I'm awaiting more information on the new single.)

He will also be touring Japan in August with a new concert under the band name "Yellow Fried Chickens" (Also the name for his all male concert which called for men to stop being male versions of women.)

Tokyograph has also revealed Gackt will be doing a European tour... however, there is little available information on that tour at this time.

(Thanks to SHOUTcast radio blog for this info.)

I've also found confirmation that Bunraku will be released this year... however, I still do not have a release date. I am making a prediction this will be a Thanksgiving to Christmas release.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gackt news and Spam...

1. first and foremost... if you plan on posting a response to one of the blogs, please do not post anonymously nor in Japanese. Because of a strong wave of spam... I've been deleting all posts written by Anonymous or written in Japanese, without reviewing them since 90% of recent Japanese/anon posts are spambots.

So if you would like to participate, please do not do so anonymously or your post may get deleted.

2. Gackt also has been keeping busy. He has albums that were released earlier this year, his RRII live DVD was just released, he has his stage play, he did a few live concerts, he's got Bunraku coming out, and he has stated he is going to be a regular voice actor for an upcoming manga turned anime in Japan.

Now he also has a new CM for a coffee company.

Speaking of Bunraku...

According to the Bunraku blog run by Karadim, Gackt has stated in his Japanese blog that he is currently in the process of "voicing" for Bunraku. Voicing is a common occurance in motion pictures. Sometimes speech doesn't come out clearly, or the mics don't pick up the conversations, or the background noise is louder than they had expected... the actors will come in and dub their voices in those spots to clean them up and make the speech clearer.

According to co-star Josh Hartnett, Bunraku is suppose to be due out this year. If they are in the voicing process now... I'm ASSUMING it won't be till Thanksgiving or Christmas... but I can't be sure as I don't know how that works.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy 2010 for Gackt

Well, our Gackt surely is busy.

Gackt has an upcoming run of the Japanese play, 'Nemuri Kyoshiro' (Which I believe is slated to begin in May.)

He will be (or already has) provided the voice of Uesugi Kenshin in 'Oba Money Sengoku 4 piece',

he has provided a voice and the opening and ending themes for the video game Samurai Warriors 3,

And let us not forget Bunraku is slated to be released sometime this year... (not sure if it will happen, but keep your fingers crossed.)

Now he has two more things to add to his still busy schedule.

He'll be voicing Seishirō Kirishiki in the 'Shiki' anime series... While Gackt has done voice work in the past in both Anime and video games... this is his first reoccuring voice role.

He'll also be dressing as a samurai and performing at the upcoming Sengoku Busho Matsuri (Samurai festival) in March... where 80,000 people are expected to attend. I believe he will be there to promote the release of Samurai Warriors 3. (Have you attended a Renaissance faire where people dress up like wenches and knights? This is kind of the same thing, only it's the Sengoku period of Japanese History rather than the Renaissance).

So he seems to be keeping pretty busy this 2010. (which is good for us considering he was thinking of retirement in 2010.) Hopefully that means we'll have Gackt around a few more years yet. ^_^


'Shiki' is a manga about a small village where unexplainable deaths are starting to occur. They believe its due to some sort of epidemic, but soon they find out it has to do with Vampires.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

End of Silence

December 9th Gackt will release his newest single "The end of Silence", which I believe is said to be the end song for the Wii game "Samurai Warriors 3"

I believe there will be 5 songs if I am translating this correctly (probably 2 or 3 songs plus their instrumentals.)

The Limited Edition DEARS release will have DVD video clips.

visit http://cdjapan.co.jp/ to pre-order this single.

The Gacktionary: Pre-order now


Gacktionary - a book commemorating the 10th anniversary of Gackt's solo debut.

Features many "Gacktisms" (Gackt sayings and phrases) as well as rare pictures of Gackt.

a must buy to add to your J-rock/Gackt collection.

Pre-order until December 19th, 2009.

And don't forget about these upcoming releases:

Kamen Rider the movie : 1-21-2010

Stay the Decade alive : 1-01-2010

End of Silence : 12-09-2009

Re:Born : 12-02-2009

Visual Live Tour : 1-27-2010

(I've already pre-ordered the stay the decade alive memorial single... the End of Silence single... and the Gacktionary. I'm going to wait for the visual live tour to hit ebay cause I'm at my spending limit.

I'm deciding on Re:Born still. It's a bit pricy right now considering all I've already pre-ordered. LOL)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gackt's big announcement

It is official... Gackt has admitted his true age.

He will be 37 next year. This shocking announcement comes as he prepares for his new role... Kyoshiro.

This shocking announcement is not so shocking for fans who have suspected this for a while. (his age was speculated after a special in-show movie during his 6th day / 7th night concert)

Further news on his new role... it appears from my recent translations that Kyoshiro is not a movie... it is actually a stage production based on the various Kyoshiro shows I mentioned in the previous blog.

No word on if a DVD of the live show will follow

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gackt's new role

Ok, my translation on this is really bad... But it seems Gackt is appearing in a new role... Nemuri Kyoshiro.

It was a show in the 50's with a remake in the 60's, and a re-remake in the late 90's, about a half Japanese Ronin. There was also a manga version that appeared in a weekly magazine from 2001 to 2003.

Gackt, it seems, will appear in the role of Kyoshiro.

I've never seen Nemuri Kyoshiro, but rumor is he is a sleepy-eyed masterless warrior who is red-headed and is a womanizer.

From what I've found online, Kyoshiro's Japanese mother was raped by a foriegn father during a "black mass" (Which seems to be a cult ritual that parody's a catholic mass), which is how he was conceived.

It seems Kyoshiro is an anti-hero. He meets many women along his journey. Some who fall in love with him, others who plot to kill him. In a review of the 1963 Nemuri Kyoshiro... the reviewer states:

certainly his sexuality & his violence are closely linked. He (Kyoshiro) humiliates & possibly rapes the Lord of Kaga's favorite concubine. It is typical of him to abuse women he perceives as too proud or villainous. This is certainly a flaw in his character because frequently the only "weapon" these women have is their sexuality. Kyoshiuro uses his own sexuality to destroy women with the same heartlessness he expresses when killing a swordsman with his sword.

His attitudes against women whom he has judged harshly are in episode after episode contrasted to his attitudes toward women he perceives as downtrodden or in some manner noble of heart. In The Chinese Jade he is very kind to Chisa, for example, who like himself was an orphan.

He has a distain for Christianity and the society in which he lives... and longs for one thing only... the perfect death. His most deadly attack is the Engetsu-sappo (The full moon attack)

Best quote from Kyoshiro: "I am just someone angry at mankind, even though I am myself a man"

More information coming as soon as I find it. (At this time I can not find any news about this role on his official Myspace blog or official website.)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sad news to report

A body that is believed to be Usui Yoshito, (Maga-ka of Crayon Shin-Chan) was found at the foot of a cliff near the Gunma prefectur where it was believed Yoshito was headed.

Also sad to report, Voice actor Kamiya Akira who voiced big roles in anime's like City Hunter, Kinnikuman (muscle man) and Hokuto no Ken (fist star of the north), passed away at the age of 63.

They will both be deeply missed by Anime lovers around the world.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Popular manga-ka missing

There has not been much in way of Gackt news since he took a break to film and promote the Kamen Rider movie he is starring in...

but there is news in other parts of Japan. Popular Manga-ka, Yoshito Usui, has been missing since one week ago today (friday) according to Japanese police. His publisher and family have not been able to contact Yoshito since Friday when he left for the mountains in Gunma prefecture. Concern arose when he failed to return that same evening, as he had planned.

Yoshito Usui is best known as the creator of the popular 5 year old foul mouth brat - Crayon Shin-Chan. A dramatic film entitled: Ballad Namonaki Koi no Uta was successfully released around Japan, and is based on a 2002 Shin-Chan Film, Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi wo Yobu Appare! Sengoku Daikassen. It also includes a character whose name is Shinichi (a play on Shinnosuke)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Gackt officially Changes his name.

to commemorate his decade long solo career, Gackt has officially changed his name, so that his new name would be as big as this special moment.

Gackt's name has changed from Gackt... to GACKT (all upper cased.)

yes it's pretty random... but that's our Gackt... Sorry, I mean that's our GACKT.

Speaking of GACKT, here's his new music video... "Next Decade"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

J-Rock has lost a great musician

Versailles -

Urgent Announcement:

Though Jasmine You had taken time off in order to rest because
of poor physical condition, we received a report that early in the
morning on August 9th, he died.

Because of the extreme abruptness of this news,
the members and staff are all dumbfounded and trying hard
to accept this it. As soon as his family has been notified and
updated as to the details and we receive their permission,
we will further report to all of the fans. Moreover, with the
current announcement, in regards to activity, please allow us to postpone it.

RIP Jasmine You

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gackt is Mr. Video game again

First we had Bujingai

Then we had "G" in FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus.

He reprised his "G" character (now called Genesis) in FFVII: Crisis Core

Gackt did a few Pachinko games... Gladiator and Bounty Killer.

Now it is confirmed that Gackt will be providing the end
theme music for Samurai Warrior 3, and will also be taking
part in an advertising campaign.

Expect to see promotional ads starring Gackt in October...
Samurai Warrior 3 will premiere in Japan this November.

It is for the Wii game systems.

Serious storms hit Japan, many dead/missing

A Typhoon that killed 44 dead in Taiwan and China, and left countless others missing, is headed towards Japan which could spell trouble for our Japanese friends.

On Tuesday, Japan was hit by a large earthquake, however no injuries or major damage was reported. Shortly after, they were hit by a major typhoon in a seperate line of storms outside of this stormline heading to Japan.

according to bloomberg, there are at least 13 currently dead and others missing due to this seperate storm.

Earthquake in japan

From the Wall Street Journal -

The Japan Meteorological Agency says a magnitude 6.9 earthquake shook Tokyo and surrounding areas on Sunday.

The quake swayed houses and rattled furniture in the city at 7:56 p.m. No damage or injuries were immediately reported by national television networks.

The epicenter of the quake was off the coast of Japan, near the volcanic Izu Islands, the Meteorological Agency said. The center was at a depth of 340 kilometers and there was no danger of a tsunami, the agency said.

On the Japanese scale of measuring earthquakes, Central Tokyo recorded magnitude four, while other cities in the greater Kanto region and northern Japan scaled at either three or four, the agency said. The Japanese scale measures intensity from a range of one to seven.

Around 20% of the world's most powerful earthquakes strike Japan.

—Daisuke Wakabayashi and Miho Inada contributed to this article.

Fast Fact about Japan -

there is a tremor about every 5 minutes in the depths of Japan... and there are around 2000 earthquakes every year felt by the Japanese populus.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

small request

for those of you who are new to the friends list and may not know... I just wrote a book, and several months ago it was picked up by an agent.

unfortunately, do to the ever worsening economy... publishers are not anxious to take on first time authors.

however, my agent found a publisher whose interested in my book and is in the process of reviewing it for publication! which may be good news!

It's not a done deal yet. Right now they're interested, but they're trying to decide if it is worth the risk in this economy.

So I'm trying to put together a list of names of those who would be interested in reading the book so we can go to the publisher and say... "Look! here's a list of people who are already waiting for this book to be published so they can read it... so you can see this book is worth the risk."

it's a pet/animal genre book. The content I'll keep a surprise until it is published but I will say this...

The reason I write about this here, is because Gackt is mentioned several times. In fact, there is a chapter dedicated to Gackt's (and our) beloved Belle Constantine Chappy.

if you can do me a favor... to help get this book off the ground... send an email to otakuusaradio@gmail.com (don't reply here) with your name and the state and/or country you live.

Please use your real name... or at minimum your real first name and last initial, or first initial and last name. (in otherwords, no screen names.)

If you have pet lover friends or friends who are fans of Gackt who may also be interested, forward this message to them and have them email me too.

the subject of the email should be "Pet book" so it doesn't get lost in my spam mail box.

thanks in advance for your help in getting this book published!

Saturday, July 4, 2009



July 4th Gackt turns ??? and my Yoshi *officially turns 3.

(*we celebrate her birthday with Dojo in January, but she was born the 4th of July)

News on the Gackt.com site.

do you know the flash page on the Japanese site with the castle door that says "Dears - Enter" and it leads you to two guards. Click on one of them and it asks for the dears password?

Well now all of the Gackt.com sites have it. The English, Chinese and Korean sites too. If you click the castle door on the other sites it says 404- page not found... but this is a new change so perhaps that means they're working on it.

now, I'm not going to say for sure because I don't know... but the whole "castle" idea was mostly for Dears members only... Now the English page has it... and the international dears questionaire has been removed.

could this mean the international fan club is a go? fingers crossed.


Happy birthday gackt and to my Princess Yoshi Yuu

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gackt stars in another movie - Kamen Rider

Gackt to star in a Japanese movie called Kamen Rider, playing a character called "Riderman".

here's a behind the scenes look.

Gackt sings Karaoke, His own.

Gackt trying his hand at singing a Karaoke song...

of his...

Somehow that feels like cheating. Lol

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Bunraku info

This info comes from the Bunraku Blog. thanks to Karadin for allowing me to post it.

1. the new picture above, is of Gackt as Yoshi with an extra/stuntman (girl). don't panic girls, she's a happily married woman. lol

2. It seems Bunraku is now not coming out until 2010.

3. Being interviewed for his new release, Josh talks about costars Gackt (Bunraku) and Kimura Takuya. (I Come With The Rain)

"Are these two (Gackt and Kimura) really musicians? From seeing these two
work together, I thought they had great (acting) talent. I think it's interesting
in how they worked hard together and were diligent in their work. Also, if
they are examples of other Japanese actors then I think I really want to work
with others more and more!"

thanks again Karadin!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gackt on Mr. Brain (Spoilers)

Gackt's episode of "Mr. Brain" has come and gone. It's very hard to find. On youtube, the moment it is uploaded, it's deleted for copyright restrictions. You can still find it on Veoh, if you have the Veoh web player.

anyhoo. Here's the basic story with screencaps (Gackt scenes only... Please keep in mind this is a spoiler blog.)