Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Happy Birthday to GACKT who will be celebrating his 39th today. Thanks for over a decade of great music... Here's to decades more! Happy Birthday! You've been an inspiration to your fans, your music has been a beacon of light for many looking for something to grasp onto in dark times. Fans use your music as the theme songs of their lives.

We look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.

Also happy birthday to my beautiful Bichon Princess Yoshi Yuu (Partially named for Gackt's Character in Bunraku.) I adopted her from a rescue the day they released the name of Gackt's Character in the movie in 2008. I was able to take her home a day after the 4th of July (her actual birthday). She will be turning 6 today, and tomorrow will be the anniversary of the day I adopted her 4 years ago! My beautiful pup pup.

Just a quick get well to my other pup Dojo Kansuke, who just had oral surgery. His widdle gums are swollen today, but he's handling it like a big boy.

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Nyu said...

Happy Birthday Gackt!

Also wishes to your beautiful pups. xD