Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy 2010 for Gackt

Well, our Gackt surely is busy.

Gackt has an upcoming run of the Japanese play, 'Nemuri Kyoshiro' (Which I believe is slated to begin in May.)

He will be (or already has) provided the voice of Uesugi Kenshin in 'Oba Money Sengoku 4 piece',

he has provided a voice and the opening and ending themes for the video game Samurai Warriors 3,

And let us not forget Bunraku is slated to be released sometime this year... (not sure if it will happen, but keep your fingers crossed.)

Now he has two more things to add to his still busy schedule.

He'll be voicing SeishirĊ Kirishiki in the 'Shiki' anime series... While Gackt has done voice work in the past in both Anime and video games... this is his first reoccuring voice role.

He'll also be dressing as a samurai and performing at the upcoming Sengoku Busho Matsuri (Samurai festival) in March... where 80,000 people are expected to attend. I believe he will be there to promote the release of Samurai Warriors 3. (Have you attended a Renaissance faire where people dress up like wenches and knights? This is kind of the same thing, only it's the Sengoku period of Japanese History rather than the Renaissance).

So he seems to be keeping pretty busy this 2010. (which is good for us considering he was thinking of retirement in 2010.) Hopefully that means we'll have Gackt around a few more years yet. ^_^


'Shiki' is a manga about a small village where unexplainable deaths are starting to occur. They believe its due to some sort of epidemic, but soon they find out it has to do with Vampires.