Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Pic of Gackt from Bunraku set

thanks to the Bunraku blog for this gem.

*Update on petition: 120 signatures... 880 left to go.*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nearing 100 Signatures

we are nearing 100 signatures!

We have 87... we need 13 more to reach 100

We need 913 to reach our 1000 goal.

If you haven't signed the new petition, get to signing.

If you haven't signed the old petition, get to signing.

If you have friends who are fans of Gackt, get them to sign
If you are friends who are not necessarily fans of Gackt, but
like J-rock and would like for other J-artists to remember there
are international fans... Get them to sign!

Sign Sign Sign!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Petition: A vote

1. Thanks to those who've already signed, please pay attention
to #5.

2. When signing, real names are prefered, however... because
I understand not feeling comfortable... you may use either
initians, or nicknames. You are also welcome to click the box
that says "Don't display my name."

3. Please sign only once. don't abuse the ability to sign using nicknames
we want to be taken seriously.

4. Addreses are not important to the petition. They are not visible to
anyone, not even to myself... and all we are doing is collecting
names to show Gackt he has an international fan base.

So if you are still not comfortable using your address... just
make up a street address or P.O. Box, and make sure the
zip you uses matches the city you are entering, and it will
accept it. (My friend used E22205 Move Over Ave. in Detroit
Michigan and it accepted it.)

again, addresses are not shown, and they're not even important to
the movement, so while I encourage using real names, you do NOT
have to use a real address.

5. show of hands... who thinks we should move the petition one more time
to a site that doesn't require addresses to sign? or should we leave it
where it is?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gackt Being Yanked from Youtube

株式会社GORDIE ENTERTAINMENT is shutting down Gackt videos on Youtube claiming copyright infringement.

So far, 3 of my videos including a cover I did for Tsuki no Uta have been removed with a cease and desist warning that states if copyright infringment continues, my account will be shut down. One of the tribute videos I made for my father with Tsuki no Uta was also removed. Which has pissed me off to no end. I had another tribute to my dad using "IZ"'s hawaiian version of "Over the Rainbow/wonderful world". they removed the audio but at least allowed the video to stay up. the tribute with the gackt song was completely removed.

I've noticed TV interviews, videos and tribute videos using Gackt music are slowly being shut down by Gordie Entertainment.

That means, if you are not Japanese, it's going to get even harder to get Gackt videos. Most live performances have already been shut down, some of the Jesus and Ghost videos are also MIA.

It seems to have been slowly starting in the last few days.

who is Gordie Entertainment? According to the website they are: Management of Famous Artists, we work with a variety of content productions.

So it it seems they want to shut down any video sharing of Gackt's music, or appearances, (Even though it's not being shared for a profit nor at a profit loss to them.)

More and More it seems the Japanese management of Gackt wants to screw his international fans.

Right now there are still a lot of videos available... however, it's slowly looking as if they are having them removed one by one. It seems they're targeting the older videos... (Some of the videos I posted have been there for 2 years.)

Newly posted videos, and Gackt tribute videos that don't actually use Gackt's music, seem to be safe for now. It seems to be a slow removal at this time. We'll have to wait and see what happens.