Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nearing 100 Signatures

we are nearing 100 signatures!

We have 87... we need 13 more to reach 100

We need 913 to reach our 1000 goal.

If you haven't signed the new petition, get to signing.

If you haven't signed the old petition, get to signing.

If you have friends who are fans of Gackt, get them to sign
If you are friends who are not necessarily fans of Gackt, but
like J-rock and would like for other J-artists to remember there
are international fans... Get them to sign!

Sign Sign Sign!



Keiko1981 said...

Just wondering, what do you plan to do when you've gotten the 1000 signatures?
If you plan to send a message to Gackt on MySpace telling about the petition
I think you should include this information on the petition page so those who sign know what the future plans of it is.

Aravyndra said...

I had it in another blog that may have gotten deleted.

I'm sending it to Gackt, DEARs, Nippon Crown and Gordie Entertainment, with a cover letter.

Satoru.. said...

I'll collect as many people as possible .. We'll show them ..and I hope when we reach the 1000 sig .. they'll stop deletin the videos .. ..

Im with you 100% on this ..
Good luck
and thank you