Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Petition: A vote

1. Thanks to those who've already signed, please pay attention
to #5.

2. When signing, real names are prefered, however... because
I understand not feeling comfortable... you may use either
initians, or nicknames. You are also welcome to click the box
that says "Don't display my name."

3. Please sign only once. don't abuse the ability to sign using nicknames
we want to be taken seriously.

4. Addreses are not important to the petition. They are not visible to
anyone, not even to myself... and all we are doing is collecting
names to show Gackt he has an international fan base.

So if you are still not comfortable using your address... just
make up a street address or P.O. Box, and make sure the
zip you uses matches the city you are entering, and it will
accept it. (My friend used E22205 Move Over Ave. in Detroit
Michigan and it accepted it.)

again, addresses are not shown, and they're not even important to
the movement, so while I encourage using real names, you do NOT
have to use a real address.

5. show of hands... who thinks we should move the petition one more time
to a site that doesn't require addresses to sign? or should we leave it
where it is?


Anonymous said...

I have to add that to be taken seriously, a petition must demand the address and real name of the one singing it. o_O You know.

Aravyndra said...

actually, you are wrong.

1. if you read the post, the address isn't even seen or accessible by anyone, not even me. the only thing visible is the state. that I ask be real. But the address is not necessary since it's not even seen, and since many gackt fans are minors, it's a good idea to NOT use your real home address if it's not necessary.

2. 9o% of fans ARE using their real names... the few that aren't are worried about their identity and safety and that is understandable.

for ONLINE petitions that are accessible by the masses, there are lighter rules than there would be for a written petition passed out to a select group.

For safety reasons, real addresses are NOT required, and people are welcome to use their real names, real initials, or in the case of minors especially.. a screen name.

gackt fans who are passionate about this... are not going to abuse the privilage by signing more than once. those that do are not true Gackt fans working towards the best interest of Gackt and themselves as Gackt fans.

Anonymous said...

Hm, yeah, I know but... Yeah, I thought it'd look even more serious that way. I mean, I have this at heart, in all honesty.
Ah well, thanks for the info =)
(and for the petition, hehe)