Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gackt Being Yanked from Youtube

株式会社GORDIE ENTERTAINMENT is shutting down Gackt videos on Youtube claiming copyright infringement.

So far, 3 of my videos including a cover I did for Tsuki no Uta have been removed with a cease and desist warning that states if copyright infringment continues, my account will be shut down. One of the tribute videos I made for my father with Tsuki no Uta was also removed. Which has pissed me off to no end. I had another tribute to my dad using "IZ"'s hawaiian version of "Over the Rainbow/wonderful world". they removed the audio but at least allowed the video to stay up. the tribute with the gackt song was completely removed.

I've noticed TV interviews, videos and tribute videos using Gackt music are slowly being shut down by Gordie Entertainment.

That means, if you are not Japanese, it's going to get even harder to get Gackt videos. Most live performances have already been shut down, some of the Jesus and Ghost videos are also MIA.

It seems to have been slowly starting in the last few days.

who is Gordie Entertainment? According to the website they are: Management of Famous Artists, we work with a variety of content productions.

So it it seems they want to shut down any video sharing of Gackt's music, or appearances, (Even though it's not being shared for a profit nor at a profit loss to them.)

More and More it seems the Japanese management of Gackt wants to screw his international fans.

Right now there are still a lot of videos available... however, it's slowly looking as if they are having them removed one by one. It seems they're targeting the older videos... (Some of the videos I posted have been there for 2 years.)

Newly posted videos, and Gackt tribute videos that don't actually use Gackt's music, seem to be safe for now. It seems to be a slow removal at this time. We'll have to wait and see what happens.


Andi said...

This is really sad I think u.u

Missheru said...

I think the really stinky part of it is when they are taking down things like his TV interviews. What harm does that do? I'm not stealing his music from it and if anything free advertisements for some of these music news type shows.

I can kind of understand the music video thing. He does sell them with the DEARS release of the single and the older ones are on Red and Blue but how about an international compromise? I wouldn't mind buying the vid on iTunes or some other pay a few dollars and have a legitimate digital copy type service.

Anonymous said...

yea, why take down the TV interviews? It's not like it's even posible for us to see them!
I really can understand the music being taken down, I would probably be okay if it was just the songs! Those are pretty easy for us to get ahold of.... however, interviews and apperances on TV shows for overseas fans- imposible.

There's absolutly no way we can view these other then youtube!

It really does feel like they're trying to scew us overseas fans over. >_>
First we can't become DearS members, and now we can't even watch him.
currently the most hated thing in the Gackt comunity.

And I've noticed they've started taking down stuff that didn't have anything to do with gackt O_O
One vids gone that had gackt's name in the title: but in the vid there wasn't any of his music, pictures, or any clips of him.
And yet, it's gone...

Anonymous said...

This is really frustrating. I have half of the Gackt music that I do becuse of YouTube. I'm a relatively new fan and he has put out a TON of music over the years. Thanks to YouTube I was able to hear more of his music. The more heard the more I liked. I picked a few of my favorite songs I'd heard and went with that reference to start buying cds. I can understand them pulling some of the the ones that had MP3 links in the descriptions and such. But the tv interviews too?!? This is going a little too far. It would be one thing if we had the means to fly to Japan a dozen times a year to watch tv.

unknown_beautiful_soul said...

You know when I 1st read this I was shocked and angered but now that I'm processing it in my head it upsets me because in South Africa there isn't a single shop that sells Japanese cds, we also can't buy the cds online because the cds are only sold in dollars and currently the exchange rate is about 10 rands some change to a dollar so its very expensive for us and we've never had a J-rock concert in South Africa

Anonymous said...

What is Gordie Entertainment's website? Various forms of Google searches haven't gotten me anything but blogs.

Vala said...

;_; i've noticed that too. What about the non-japanese fans?? How would we live without him?!?!?!?What should we do?
I've started downloading the cute klips of him from youtube because I'm scared that they won't be there tomorrow :( It's so unfair.....

Anonymous said...

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