Friday, January 30, 2009

Ghost Live


Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, this song is very computerized that means it's imposible for him to do live- and he ends up lipsynching.

I loved the dancing here though, it's nice to be able to see it without the clips from Terminator interupting the awesomeness.

Aravyndra said...

actually, Lipsyncing is not uncommon during live performances. Especially with performers whose shows are as physically demanding as Gackt's.

the problem is, people feel cheated when they find out their favorite artists are lipsyncing, however they forget a few things.

1. They are not exactly lipsyncing... they generally sing over their own track... so they still are singing. If you listen carefully, you can hear mic pops and the breaths they take. However because of the fact that an artist can get very winded during physical performances, they will sing along with their own track so it is not noticable to the audience.

2. Unlike Milli vanilli who tainted the use of syncing to tracks... Artists like Gackt are singing to their OWN tracks. It is their voice they're syncing with unlike M.V. who weren't even the singers on the track they were syncing.

3. computerized voice sounds and echos among other sound effects, can be done live on stage with sound equipment and microphones. So it is not necessarily true that if it sounds computerized, it has to be lipsynced.

Obsidianmoonlight said...

As far as I know this is the only song he lip-synchs to - he does sometimes have back-up vocals in a higher or lower octave in certain songs, but Gackt prides himself on singing live - it's part of what makes him so amazing!

Anonymous said...

and we all know that he really hates the lip synching...he really only does when need to be so that he doesn't give any bad performance...