Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gackt's Ghost PV


Anonymous said...

anyone else a bit dissapointed in it?
While it seems we've been proven wrong about him not being able to dance...

It was really short, there wasn't much singing- the music was overpowering gackt's voice D:
They lyrics didn't match Gackt, it didn't seem very personal. Though, I suspect this was made for TSCC- so I quess it's okay :(

I'm setting my hopes on the Single version sounding different. Maybe we'll get lucky. *sigh*

(and wasn't that old man the one from GAzette's Filth in the Beauty? :D)

Aravyndra said...

I disagree, I thought this was pretty cool.

I also found Gackt really freaky, especially at the end... he really walked like the was some kind of robotic android thingie. it was a little scary. kind of cool IMO.

I think it was different from what you're use to because it was a PV for a tv series, and not a straight on Gackt music video.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I was wondering the same thing. But it was just so impersonal- again, and like you said, it's probably because this song is for TSCC( a movie not a tv series btw)

We all thought Gackt couldn't dance, but it seems he's proven he CAN do the robot.

Pinfold said...

Pinfold from Texas here. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" IS a TV Series. It airs weekly on the Fox Broadcasting Network over here in the USA. Fantastic show too, btw! In America, the music credits for TV shows is not scrolled at the end of the shows like it is in theatrical films, so if Gackt's "Ghost" and "Jesus" are being used in the American airings of the show- I did not notice upon first viewing as they would likely have been instrumental versions music used in the background. I LOVE Gackt's new musical direction! You talk of impersonal lyrics- I strongly disagree. "Ghost" and "Jesus" are about anguish and suicide and it also seems Gackt has embraced Christianity recently too with his cries out to Jesus and references to God- how more personal can you get? I like the new electronic and metal influences very much too. Perhaps someone gave Gackt the Linkin Park discography for a Christmas present... I can't wait to see and hear what's next from this sugoi genius artist!