Monday, September 13, 2010

Gackt Bunraku live panels

Gackt at the Toronto Movie festival a few days ago. There is a panel where all of the actors speak. Gackt... not sure what the hell he's saying, but there ya go. lol (the second video he's more understandable... sort of. LOL)

Bunraku Panel

Bunraku Panel 2

here are a few pics.

in a previous blog I posted a TIFF interview with Gackt where he mentions that he would like to do another tour next year to help promote the film, including tour dates in America.


Bunraku Review

The Film Stage has reviewed Bunraku and has given the movie an over all 9 stars out of 10. Not too shabby.

even better news...

it looks like we should be looking for the movie by the end of 2010 according to the site. So my predictions that it could be an early 2011 movie (Jan-Feb) seemed almost spot on.

pretty exciting ^_^

Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Bunraku

Thanks to the Bunraku Blog for this info.

Interview with Gackt for Bunraku

Bunraku is also mentioned on Entertainment Weekly's site... and if you read the comments, you'll see there's a lot of ticked off Gackt fans that he wasn't mentioned in the article. I found that amusing. ^_^

Gackt plays a Samurai type character named Yoshi. (That's how I came to name my pup, Yoshi, when I adopted her. It was in homage to Gackt.) ^_^

also... Gackt-tastic Saturday is playing right now till midnight. You still have 4 hours left to hear it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gackt-Tastic Saturday - last chance to listen

Gackt-tastic Saturday is an all Gackt show. Gackt music, Gackt Trivia, Gackt talk. Don't hear the song you like? I'll get it up for you by next saturday!

There's only a few more hours of Gackt-tastic Saturday left. (it ends midnight, Sunday)

So listen soon! The Gacktness won't return until next week.

if you have any other j-rock requests... email me at

Friday, September 3, 2010

All Gackt Saturdays!

If you're a Gackt fan and want to hear all Gackt music all day Saturday... then click the link below

Starting at midnight... Gackt takes over the airwaves for the next 24 hours! Gackt remains the station's #1 most requested artist, so I have dedicated an entire day to him!

Gackt-tastic Saturdays are on J-Rock us! Radio all Saturday, every saturday. It's all Gackt. Gackt talk, Gackt news, Gackt trivia, and above all... Gackt music.

If there's a Gackt song you don't hear that you want to... feel free to let me know at

Also... if you have any J-music request... you can email me and I'll get it on the air for you. Every Tuesday (once enough requests come in) will be dedicated to the music you want to hear on J-Rock us! Radio


**legal disclaimer: all music played on is purchased legally, and live365 pays the proper royalties as is part of the station rent agreement.**

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gackt finishes Fried Chicken Tour

Gackt's Fried Chicken Tour is officially over. The last concert was a total blast according to OOPs Music blog in Japan.

There was a lifesized Gackt ice sculpture... and everyone from concert goers to staff to the band were asked to wear swimming suits.

Gackt and his band entered the stage wearing swim trunks and hawaiian shirts. (which Gackt quickly removed)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kenshin Returns - J-Rock Music Station online!

Since 1926, There has been a festival in Joetsu, Niigata prefecture, honoring feudal Japan warlord Uesugi Kenshin.

Since his appearance as Uesugi Kenshin in the drama "fuurin Kazan", Gackt has been a regular at the festival, portraying Kenshin riding on a white horse in triumphant return.

This year was no different. On August 22nd, 2010... Gackt once again portrayed a triumphantly returning Uesugi Kenshin.

coming up next on August 29th, he will be performing a live show at Zepp Tokyo.

For those that area also interested... J-Rock Us! Radio is finally back on the air... featuring many Gackt songs throughout the day. There is also a special on Saturday's called "GACKT-tastic Saturdays". I play all Gackt, all day long.

Jesus, Ever, Orenji no Taiyou, Ghost, Lust for Blood, all the best of Gackt all Saturday, EVERY saturday. Also, for Gamers and anime lovers... there's a special All Wednesday devoted to video games, manga and anime. Interviews with those in the anime/game industry... music from popular animes and video games, as well as game tips, manga/anime/game reviews, and more. So be sure to check the station out! I'm hoping one day, the station will get popular enough to be able to secure big name interviews like Miyavi. maybe even one day Gackt.

Tune into J-Rock us Radio.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Bunraku Pics

We finally have a view of Gackt in Bunraku, set to be released in 2011.

There are more pictures of Bunraku at this website:

however there are no other pictures of Gackt at this time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Gackt Projects Released Soon

July 28, 2010 - New Single : "Ever"

This new release features a song from the upcoming RPG game "Dragon Next".

Limited Edition first press at is 1800 Yen or $19.80 US and includes a bonus DVD.

the regular edition sans DVD is 1200 Yen or $13.50 US.

July 21, 2010 - "The Eleventh Day" Singles Collection

This collection includes songs such as "Kimi Ni Aitakute", "Black Stone", "JESUS", "Returner", "Flower" and "Lost Angel".

First Press with the bonus is 3000 Yen or $31.42 US.

June 23, 2010 - "Are You Fried Chicken?"

Collectors CD of the music used in Gackt's Fried Chicken Tour (coming to a European theater near you... sold out if you haven't gotten a ticket already... sry)

Songs such as "LU:NA", "JUSTIFIED", "Mind Forest", "Dybbuk" and "Uncontrolled"

This CD is 2857 Yen or $31.42 US

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gackt on Message! to Asia

According to Music Japan+, Gackt will be costarring with South Korean actor Bae Young Joon as part of a charity program called Message! to Asia.

recording will take place in December... the program will air in January. If you live in Japan or will be in Japan around December 14th, and you have 8,400 Yen... you can participate in the program.

People who register before the end of September will be given priority it ticket booking. Thanks again to Music Japan+ for this project.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gackt Conquers Europe

Hey all. Sorry its been so long since I've posted anything. Gackt has thankfully been fairly quiet. (Probably because he's been doing his stage play and working as a voice actor for an anime and video game.)

There is a bit of news several people have emailed me about.
Gackt is having a mini european tour...

2010/07/16 - O2 Academy Islington - London / UK
2010/07/18 - Alhambra - Paris / France
2010/07/20 - Salamandra - Barcelona / Spain
2010/07/22 - Theaterfabrik - Munich / Germany
2010/07/24 - Zeche - Bochum / Germany

I verified the dates, so as of now, this seems to be the schedule. Great news for France, Spain, Germany and the UK... but nothing coming to the states yet... but this is a very hopeful sign. Perhaps an American tour will be following. One can only hope.

That's about it for now.

if you want to chat, you can follow me on twitter - Im_a_drea

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bunraku and Rock Band: Japan

first off, according to , Bunraku is set to come out 2011. So once again, we are on a waiting game. (I did not see if there were speculations on WHEN in 2011... IE earlier in the year or later.) So I'll keep you posted.


by now at least 90% of you have heard of the game: Rock band.

There's Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band: The Beatles, Rock Band: Country, Rock Band: Metal, Rock Band: AC/DC, Legos Rock Band... So on.

Well a few years ago, according to "The Escapist" blog... Creators of the game, Harmonix, was considering creating a Rock Band: Japan featuring J-Rock artists like L`arc~en~ciel

Now it appears that is not going to happen.

however... they are considering coming out with a Japanese package via DLC (downloadable content)

the artists they are considering... (none of this is set in stone. This is still an idea being played with...)

the GazettE
Dir en grey
An Café
Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintent~

So lets keep our fingers crossed that this does happen. Maybe a few excited letters to Harmonix to encourage them to go forward with the DLC project could be done. Let them know if you are a Rock Band player this would rock in your eyes, and if you're not a Rock Band player, this could turn you into one which would bring them new customers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gackts live stage play in progress.

My favorite game... caption these Gackt photos! weee. These are some photos of Gackt during his stage performance.

MY SWORD! MINE! You can't have it!!

Not cool dude... not cool...

OMG I have to pee pee so bad.

You bother me during lunch? that pisses me off!

Congratulations Gackt on a successful show! I'm hoping for a DVD release so I can see it too!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gackt is still beautiful, and this proves it.

Gackt is #2 in a Japanese top 10 most beautiful men list. (#1 is currently held by Fukuyama Masahara... not a bad looking guy, he's pretty cute... but not someone I'd say is more beautiful than Gackt...)

but of course I'd be accused of being biased, so I won't say it. (Even if it is true). LOL

Congratulations to Gackt for being beautiful. ^_^

Also making the top 10 list... Hyde from Vamps and L`arc~en~ciel, who comes in at #9

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Work for Gackt

Gackt will be taking on the role of the villian Belskard in the videogame Dragon Nest.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gackt switches labels and Bunraku

Gackt has currently left his music label and has joined forces with the Avex Group Label. Following this news comes the news that a new single is forthcoming from the new label in June. (I'm awaiting more information on the new single.)

He will also be touring Japan in August with a new concert under the band name "Yellow Fried Chickens" (Also the name for his all male concert which called for men to stop being male versions of women.)

Tokyograph has also revealed Gackt will be doing a European tour... however, there is little available information on that tour at this time.

(Thanks to SHOUTcast radio blog for this info.)

I've also found confirmation that Bunraku will be released this year... however, I still do not have a release date. I am making a prediction this will be a Thanksgiving to Christmas release.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gackt news and Spam...

1. first and foremost... if you plan on posting a response to one of the blogs, please do not post anonymously nor in Japanese. Because of a strong wave of spam... I've been deleting all posts written by Anonymous or written in Japanese, without reviewing them since 90% of recent Japanese/anon posts are spambots.

So if you would like to participate, please do not do so anonymously or your post may get deleted.

2. Gackt also has been keeping busy. He has albums that were released earlier this year, his RRII live DVD was just released, he has his stage play, he did a few live concerts, he's got Bunraku coming out, and he has stated he is going to be a regular voice actor for an upcoming manga turned anime in Japan.

Now he also has a new CM for a coffee company.

Speaking of Bunraku...

According to the Bunraku blog run by Karadim, Gackt has stated in his Japanese blog that he is currently in the process of "voicing" for Bunraku. Voicing is a common occurance in motion pictures. Sometimes speech doesn't come out clearly, or the mics don't pick up the conversations, or the background noise is louder than they had expected... the actors will come in and dub their voices in those spots to clean them up and make the speech clearer.

According to co-star Josh Hartnett, Bunraku is suppose to be due out this year. If they are in the voicing process now... I'm ASSUMING it won't be till Thanksgiving or Christmas... but I can't be sure as I don't know how that works.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy 2010 for Gackt

Well, our Gackt surely is busy.

Gackt has an upcoming run of the Japanese play, 'Nemuri Kyoshiro' (Which I believe is slated to begin in May.)

He will be (or already has) provided the voice of Uesugi Kenshin in 'Oba Money Sengoku 4 piece',

he has provided a voice and the opening and ending themes for the video game Samurai Warriors 3,

And let us not forget Bunraku is slated to be released sometime this year... (not sure if it will happen, but keep your fingers crossed.)

Now he has two more things to add to his still busy schedule.

He'll be voicing Seishirō Kirishiki in the 'Shiki' anime series... While Gackt has done voice work in the past in both Anime and video games... this is his first reoccuring voice role.

He'll also be dressing as a samurai and performing at the upcoming Sengoku Busho Matsuri (Samurai festival) in March... where 80,000 people are expected to attend. I believe he will be there to promote the release of Samurai Warriors 3. (Have you attended a Renaissance faire where people dress up like wenches and knights? This is kind of the same thing, only it's the Sengoku period of Japanese History rather than the Renaissance).

So he seems to be keeping pretty busy this 2010. (which is good for us considering he was thinking of retirement in 2010.) Hopefully that means we'll have Gackt around a few more years yet. ^_^


'Shiki' is a manga about a small village where unexplainable deaths are starting to occur. They believe its due to some sort of epidemic, but soon they find out it has to do with Vampires.