Friday, September 3, 2010

All Gackt Saturdays!

If you're a Gackt fan and want to hear all Gackt music all day Saturday... then click the link below

Starting at midnight... Gackt takes over the airwaves for the next 24 hours! Gackt remains the station's #1 most requested artist, so I have dedicated an entire day to him!

Gackt-tastic Saturdays are on J-Rock us! Radio all Saturday, every saturday. It's all Gackt. Gackt talk, Gackt news, Gackt trivia, and above all... Gackt music.

If there's a Gackt song you don't hear that you want to... feel free to let me know at

Also... if you have any J-music request... you can email me and I'll get it on the air for you. Every Tuesday (once enough requests come in) will be dedicated to the music you want to hear on J-Rock us! Radio


**legal disclaimer: all music played on is purchased legally, and live365 pays the proper royalties as is part of the station rent agreement.**

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Nyu said...

Thanks for these splendid news... xD