Monday, April 19, 2010

Gackt switches labels and Bunraku

Gackt has currently left his music label and has joined forces with the Avex Group Label. Following this news comes the news that a new single is forthcoming from the new label in June. (I'm awaiting more information on the new single.)

He will also be touring Japan in August with a new concert under the band name "Yellow Fried Chickens" (Also the name for his all male concert which called for men to stop being male versions of women.)

Tokyograph has also revealed Gackt will be doing a European tour... however, there is little available information on that tour at this time.

(Thanks to SHOUTcast radio blog for this info.)

I've also found confirmation that Bunraku will be released this year... however, I still do not have a release date. I am making a prediction this will be a Thanksgiving to Christmas release.

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