Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gackt news and Spam...

1. first and foremost... if you plan on posting a response to one of the blogs, please do not post anonymously nor in Japanese. Because of a strong wave of spam... I've been deleting all posts written by Anonymous or written in Japanese, without reviewing them since 90% of recent Japanese/anon posts are spambots.

So if you would like to participate, please do not do so anonymously or your post may get deleted.

2. Gackt also has been keeping busy. He has albums that were released earlier this year, his RRII live DVD was just released, he has his stage play, he did a few live concerts, he's got Bunraku coming out, and he has stated he is going to be a regular voice actor for an upcoming manga turned anime in Japan.

Now he also has a new CM for a coffee company.

Speaking of Bunraku...

According to the Bunraku blog run by Karadim, Gackt has stated in his Japanese blog that he is currently in the process of "voicing" for Bunraku. Voicing is a common occurance in motion pictures. Sometimes speech doesn't come out clearly, or the mics don't pick up the conversations, or the background noise is louder than they had expected... the actors will come in and dub their voices in those spots to clean them up and make the speech clearer.

According to co-star Josh Hartnett, Bunraku is suppose to be due out this year. If they are in the voicing process now... I'm ASSUMING it won't be till Thanksgiving or Christmas... but I can't be sure as I don't know how that works.

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Bloody love said...

yay!! it's good to hear something about Bunraku! we get to hear his wonderful on the big screen! yay!