Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gackt is still beautiful, and this proves it.

Gackt is #2 in a Japanese top 10 most beautiful men list. (#1 is currently held by Fukuyama Masahara... not a bad looking guy, he's pretty cute... but not someone I'd say is more beautiful than Gackt...)

but of course I'd be accused of being biased, so I won't say it. (Even if it is true). LOL

Congratulations to Gackt for being beautiful. ^_^

Also making the top 10 list... Hyde from Vamps and L`arc~en~ciel, who comes in at #9


Epi said...

I'd have to say that even tho Fukuyama Masahara isn't a bad looking guy, Gackt is absolutely, infact, definitely far more beautiful :D

Brown Wolf said...

I would agree both on Epi, he's not bad but still GACKT.

Off-topic, I read a post that you do not have a photo of Eneru - GACKT's Chihuahua; You posted a photo on his blog; not sure if it's really his dog-quoted Eneru is long hair; this dog looks slightly short-medium length hair. I'm sure if it is still there but I have a copy of the photo.

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Anonymous said...

omg i totally agree!!! Gackt is definately more beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Gackt FTW!