Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Bunraku info

This info comes from the Bunraku Blog. thanks to Karadin for allowing me to post it.

1. the new picture above, is of Gackt as Yoshi with an extra/stuntman (girl). don't panic girls, she's a happily married woman. lol

2. It seems Bunraku is now not coming out until 2010.

3. Being interviewed for his new release, Josh talks about costars Gackt (Bunraku) and Kimura Takuya. (I Come With The Rain)

"Are these two (Gackt and Kimura) really musicians? From seeing these two
work together, I thought they had great (acting) talent. I think it's interesting
in how they worked hard together and were diligent in their work. Also, if
they are examples of other Japanese actors then I think I really want to work
with others more and more!"

thanks again Karadin!


karadin said...

your welcome, the community gackt_army did the translation.

Laxhmi said...

i envy that gurl XD ! Í want a hug from gackt <3

Anonymous said...

LOL I /was/ panicking! xD