Friday, June 5, 2009

Gackt on Mr. Brain (Spoilers)

Gackt's episode of "Mr. Brain" has come and gone. It's very hard to find. On youtube, the moment it is uploaded, it's deleted for copyright restrictions. You can still find it on Veoh, if you have the Veoh web player.

anyhoo. Here's the basic story with screencaps (Gackt scenes only... Please keep in mind this is a spoiler blog.)


Apryl said...

You can watch the full episode at This site has many Asian dramas and movies for viewing - in their entirity. All with English subtitles as well. By the way, the full series Fuurin Kazen is there, as is Moonchild.

Patricia said...

Hi Ara, you can also watch most (almost all) of Gackt's clips (movies, drama, talk show, platinum box, etc.) on (they have both chinese and english subs)

Hope this helps =)