Monday, November 2, 2009

Gackt's new role

Ok, my translation on this is really bad... But it seems Gackt is appearing in a new role... Nemuri Kyoshiro.

It was a show in the 50's with a remake in the 60's, and a re-remake in the late 90's, about a half Japanese Ronin. There was also a manga version that appeared in a weekly magazine from 2001 to 2003.

Gackt, it seems, will appear in the role of Kyoshiro.

I've never seen Nemuri Kyoshiro, but rumor is he is a sleepy-eyed masterless warrior who is red-headed and is a womanizer.

From what I've found online, Kyoshiro's Japanese mother was raped by a foriegn father during a "black mass" (Which seems to be a cult ritual that parody's a catholic mass), which is how he was conceived.

It seems Kyoshiro is an anti-hero. He meets many women along his journey. Some who fall in love with him, others who plot to kill him. In a review of the 1963 Nemuri Kyoshiro... the reviewer states:

certainly his sexuality & his violence are closely linked. He (Kyoshiro) humiliates & possibly rapes the Lord of Kaga's favorite concubine. It is typical of him to abuse women he perceives as too proud or villainous. This is certainly a flaw in his character because frequently the only "weapon" these women have is their sexuality. Kyoshiuro uses his own sexuality to destroy women with the same heartlessness he expresses when killing a swordsman with his sword.

His attitudes against women whom he has judged harshly are in episode after episode contrasted to his attitudes toward women he perceives as downtrodden or in some manner noble of heart. In The Chinese Jade he is very kind to Chisa, for example, who like himself was an orphan.

He has a distain for Christianity and the society in which he lives... and longs for one thing only... the perfect death. His most deadly attack is the Engetsu-sappo (The full moon attack)

Best quote from Kyoshiro: "I am just someone angry at mankind, even though I am myself a man"

More information coming as soon as I find it. (At this time I can not find any news about this role on his official Myspace blog or official website.)

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