Sunday, July 5, 2009

small request

for those of you who are new to the friends list and may not know... I just wrote a book, and several months ago it was picked up by an agent.

unfortunately, do to the ever worsening economy... publishers are not anxious to take on first time authors.

however, my agent found a publisher whose interested in my book and is in the process of reviewing it for publication! which may be good news!

It's not a done deal yet. Right now they're interested, but they're trying to decide if it is worth the risk in this economy.

So I'm trying to put together a list of names of those who would be interested in reading the book so we can go to the publisher and say... "Look! here's a list of people who are already waiting for this book to be published so they can read it... so you can see this book is worth the risk."

it's a pet/animal genre book. The content I'll keep a surprise until it is published but I will say this...

The reason I write about this here, is because Gackt is mentioned several times. In fact, there is a chapter dedicated to Gackt's (and our) beloved Belle Constantine Chappy.

if you can do me a favor... to help get this book off the ground... send an email to (don't reply here) with your name and the state and/or country you live.

Please use your real name... or at minimum your real first name and last initial, or first initial and last name. (in otherwords, no screen names.)

If you have pet lover friends or friends who are fans of Gackt who may also be interested, forward this message to them and have them email me too.

the subject of the email should be "Pet book" so it doesn't get lost in my spam mail box.

thanks in advance for your help in getting this book published!


Anonymous said...

You must keep me updated on this book. I totaly want to read it!

Anonymous said...

have you had any news yet on your book???