Saturday, July 4, 2009



July 4th Gackt turns ??? and my Yoshi *officially turns 3.

(*we celebrate her birthday with Dojo in January, but she was born the 4th of July)

News on the site.

do you know the flash page on the Japanese site with the castle door that says "Dears - Enter" and it leads you to two guards. Click on one of them and it asks for the dears password?

Well now all of the sites have it. The English, Chinese and Korean sites too. If you click the castle door on the other sites it says 404- page not found... but this is a new change so perhaps that means they're working on it.

now, I'm not going to say for sure because I don't know... but the whole "castle" idea was mostly for Dears members only... Now the English page has it... and the international dears questionaire has been removed.

could this mean the international fan club is a go? fingers crossed.


Happy birthday gackt and to my Princess Yoshi Yuu


Anonymous said...

I hope so!

Anonymous said...

:O Piecing those clues together really makes it seem like a possibility! :D *also crosses fingers*

Liza said...

Woho GACKT and I share the same birthday!! :D <3

Happy Birhtday GACKT! <3 <3

Patricia said...

I've clicked on the icon which in the end it led me back to the japanese version website =.=''

PS. Thanks, Ara!

Anonymous said...

Sry, but the questionair IS still there as of 02/ 12/ 2010, at least in the US. It could have just been a coding error. *Keeping fingers crossed that they do start the international fan club* >.< Huge Gackt fan. Just thought I'd let you know.

Aravyndra said...

Jem - it's actually an out dated address that no longer exists on the site. I've searched the recently updated site and have not found a current link.

When I went to the old link, I noticed there is an expiration date... so even if it were still on the site, it would be expired.