Friday, May 2, 2008

Gackt will be doing Vocaloid. I think... (Link Fixed)

Well... My translation skills aren't that great... but I think this article is saying that Gackt IS indeed going to voice vocaliod.

At least, that's what it seems.

I don't know. The translation came out kind of confusing. Lol. If you can read Japanese better than I can... draw your own conclusions.

but to me, it leans towards saying it is true that Vocaliod will be using Gackt's voice for its upcoming product.

It will be released later this month. Past vocaloids have sold for $100 to $300.



Anonymous said...

Hey hey, I was trying to get to that link you´ve posted but it was broken..can you tell me something more about this news?? :O thanks

Aravyndra said...

Sry bout that. The link has been fixed. (I copied it off myspace. Myspace is trying to protect people from sites that may be phishing or spam sites... but they're going overboard. Lol)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was confirmed yesterday night that the company "Internet" is indeed going to release a Gackt vocaloid called Gackpoid, using YAHAMA's Vocaloid 2 Engine. Huge discussion/hype over it yesterday night over in 2ch and the Japanese vocaloid SNS "Nyappon".

Aravyndra said...

lol, I was just about to post about that. heheh. I got the official announcement in my mail today.