Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gackpoid Information

A little more information on Gackpoid.

It will come with a rolled up keyboard you can attach to your computer (I'm not sure if it will be by USB port, or if you'd have to unplug your keyboard and plug it in where they keyboard should be.)

You use that to make your music, edit the sound, hold the key for as long as you want the note to be held, so on...

Then you will be able to save it in .wav format, and edit it later into an MP3 with an editing program. (I use the free program Audacity to change my .wavs into MP3's.)

You have the option of Hiragana lyrics, Katakana, or Romaji (roman) lettering like we use in English (abc).

This will be compatible with windows Vista and XP.

It status is still listed as "Release in mid-June / Price undetermined"
So there is no set date or price as of yet. But it will be released sometime next month.

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