Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gackt's Bunraku, and the Plagerizing "Fan"

hey all. I've been looking into Vocaloid to no avail. No news since the original April 1st News.

Gackt's official site released this pic of him filming Bunraku... The scars on his hand is mostly make up, but according to the Bunraku blog where this picture was borrowed from, the artists had scars to work with.

Ouch. Life must be brutal in that Samurai world.

More information has been released about Bunraku. Gackt's co-star Josh Hartnett gave MTV an interview explaining Bunraku. He had this to say.

"I'm going to Romania to film this movie called 'Bunraku'... all the cast isn't set yet... but it has a lot of really interesting actors in this kind of, paper mache' world, I don't even know how to explain it... its odd, its out there."

"Its a story of revenge... you know... my character is called 'The Drifter', and he comes to this world that is kind of, like you've never seen before... its more on the vein of Sin City or something like that where its not... the world doesn't look like reality at all. and it, you know, has a lot of fight sequences and all that, but its like, really about these crazy characters.. like my character is an ex... well he's a gypsy and he comes to this place like he's got something to prove, and no one knows what he's about... till they know."

So there you have the latest news on that.

For Grins and giggles I decided to check in with Joost Maglev, aka Plagerisor of Gackt, just to see what's new there.

Joost is obviously upset by the "attacks" he's been receiving, so in the forum where people were discussing his blatant copying of Gackt's music he posted this.

Dear all,

I don't feel the need to explain myself any further in public, especially since the way I've been treated is very low and easy.

So if you still have questions about my musical integrity, my Gackt inspired work, or any other of the false accusations about when tunes are written, how much money I make, and how much of a Gackt fan I am, you should have the guts to contact me privately and ask me about it, instead of going public and accusing.

For the rest, any type of accusing post written on Youtube or on my forum will be deleted from now on.

Posting it is pointless. The point has been made.

I have no intention of censoring the fact that Gackt fans think I am a plagiarizer, but the fact that many Gackt fans shout it doesn't make it true.

If you feel mad and want to keep on shouting about it, shout in other forums where people like you are hanging out, or shout at a brick wall for in the end that will have the same effect.

In the meantime I will delete all the posts here which are just offensive or make low and misplaced comments on my looks or use swearing words.

People who feel the need to use those comments usually have no strong point to get across.

For anyone who has judged me with an open mind or had the audacity to contact me personally and ask me about this, I salute you.Take care,


Let me just say thank you to everyone whose put him on edge. At least now he'll be a bit more wary before stealing Gackt's music, cause he knows we're watching.

But I love how he still claims his music is "Gackt inspired" and not the blatant rip offs they are... and he's now deleting posts of anyone accusing him of plagery.

So I found that highly amusing.

However, he seems to be seriously upset by this, and is demanding that it be talked about privately and not out in the open which means enough fans are standing up to him and telling him stealing is not right.

I love the line about "Just because so many Gackt fans shout it doesn't make it true"... but its not like Gackt fans are out to get random people for no apparent reason.

if every single fan hears more than simply inspiration... it raises a red flag. How do individual Gackt fans who probably don't know each other, or Joost... all hear Gackt's music note for note?

And wouldn't it be MORE than likely true if many fans thought the same thing, than one or two random Rabid fans?

I think its a bit over the line of inspiration and those who know me know I'm not a "rabid fangirl" type.

Thanks to everyone who stood up for Gackt's right to have a say as to how HIS music is used and portrayed!

on a side note : He is still not crediting Gackt... his supposed inspiration... on his discography. not even on the album which debuts "Caramel" an "obvious satire of Gackt's Vanilla" as his fans say.

So obvious Gackt and Vanilla do not need to be credited. Even Weird Al shows more respect than that!


Epi said...

I found Joost's little statement quite amusing too, the fact that he posted it on his youtube videos too obviously means yes he's taking notice of what everyone's saying, even if he's not acknowledging what he's done is wrong... but to me, the fact that he's no longer allowing us (Gackt's fans) to comment on his videos sort of seems to be proving our point that he has done something very wrong... well maybe that's just me i dunno, guess we can all read into it whichever way we was wrong, we know it, he knows it and that's never going to go away or be forgotten by any of us.

ps. thanks for the updates on the movie...still can't wait hehe (^ .^)v

Pei^-^ said...

I like Gackt's music but I'm not really his follower so I'm not that familiar with all of his songs. I did listen to Vanilla though so it's kind of shocking. The music is totally a copy and why on earth did Joost use a similar type of word as the title? Caramel vs Vanilla, it's a stupid way of copying =P

I can't find other infamous Joost's songs in YouTube though. Are there any other place I can listen to his "Gackt-inspired" songs?

Aravyndra said...

Actually Pei, there is.

visit this youtube link

the creator will play a number of Joost songs against the original Gackt songs.

Just so you can hear how identical the songs really are

Pei^-^ said...

Oh thanks, that side-by-side comparisons definitely shows definite plagiarisms. WOW... Do Gackt and his management/label know about this?

Aravyndra said...

Fans are trying to make management aware of it.

Anonymous said...

?_? looking to joost?

what the hell?

trey here

Kateh said...

Does any one know if Gackt will sing/ or do a Song for the Bunraku Film??

I'm just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I am veryt excited for this movie, I like movies with distorted other worldly themes. What is even better is that my dear Gackt-sama is in this which is very exciting to me. :)

Prince Sora said...

I checked Joost out recently and the video descriptions list that they are indeed "Gackt clones" & he gives the title of each song. I do not think he is plagiarizing, he is simply a fan of Gackt who wants to do his own versions of the songs.

Anonymous said...

Doing your 'own version' of a song is just like writing your 'own version' of a story you read; it's violating the copyright. His 'cloning' songs is just musical fanfiction, and it's illegal. And if he were a respectful fan, he'd respect G's copyright and not 'clone' someone else's work.