Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Picture of Gackt from New Movie


Gackt looks very hot. This movie is going to rock!! And you all know me. I'm not the typical screaming, drooling fangirl. But dude... Gackt looks really ultra hot in this pic to me for some reason. He looks like he's 10 years younger...
like back in his Malice Mizer days.

Ok, rabid fangirl rant over. Lets hope I never do that again! LOL!!

This picture came from

This seems to be a picture of Gackt as Yoshi, the partner in crime of the good guy played by whoever else is in that picture.

And who cares who it is? Look at Gackt! I mean, Man... its like I'm just noticing how cute he is or something. Lol!

(oops. Rabid fan girl slipped in again. Not to mention, I'm exhausted. So I'm getting loopy. heheh. Sry. Won't happen again.)


Epi said...

This is gonna be a great movie... can't wait... a whole year is just too long, and from what i can gather the other guy in the picture is apparently Josh Hartnett (probably spelled that wrong oh well) ...but as you say, who cares... Gackt's in it, Gackt's in it, Gackt's in it, that's all i need to know (^ .^)v

ねこ said...

this is so great and I can't wait!!
thank you so much for the great find of news!!!

~ ryuichi-chan

Pei^-^ said...

I think Gackt really looked nice in a traditional Japanese style. I remember watching one of his video where he wore Samurai kind of thing, it fit him nicely! I don't remember what the video is -__-;; Sorry, I just knew Gackt when I watched HYDE in Moon Child =P But his songs are definitely great and I'm looking forward to watch Bunraku =D

Valeria said...

What is the name of the new movie gackt is working on and what year is it coming out exacly

Aravyndra said...

it actually says in the previous blog.

Its called Bunraku and it will be released in 2009.

It is a Hollywood made movie (like Forbidden Kingdom was) with asain influences.

Josh Hartnett who also stars in the movie said it will along the lines of "sin city"

Anonymous said...

Is it going to come to the US? I hope!

Aravyndra said...

yes it is coming to the US. despite the fact that Gackt is in it, it is a Hollywood movie, not a Japanese movie.