Monday, April 21, 2008

Back from Vacation - No Gackt news

Konnichiwa watashi no Gackto Otaku! I'm back from Vacation! And guess what? I was on the set of the new Johnny Depp movie! SQUEE! (well, kind of. lol. You can read it in my personal blog.)

but I'm home and raring to go. Unfortunately, it seems nothing has happened since I've been away.

I've been watching the official Vocaloid sites like a hawk and still have found no Gackt-formation.

All is quiet on Gackt's new myspace blog.

And Joost is once again avoiding the whole "Giving Gackt credit" thing all together. Even now that Gackt has an official myspace site, you'd think he'd be promoting, pushing or at least crediting Gackt.

Especially in light of all but admitting he may have crossed that fine line between inspiration and plagerism.

However, nothing.

I have played Joost's music for several people who do not listen to Jrock and do not know Gackt, and compared them to Gackt songs. They all agree the songs sound dangerously alike.

Yet this MAJOR Gackt fan doesn't even give credit to the person he claims is his major inspiration. He doesn't push Gackt on his fans who may not know Gackt, trying to get Gackt new fans.

You'd think that's what a real fan would do but eh, I guess that's just me.

What else, what else...

well I guess nothing.

But now that I'm back, I'll keep you up to date on the goings ons.

if nothing comes up tomorrow, I have a letter written to me by a Gackt fan who'd like me to address my thoughts on DEARS, and Gackt touring the US. So watch for that tomorrow. It could be interesting.

And also if you haven't listened to my station -
go here and check it out. Not only is there awesome J-rock, and Japanese Entertainment, but I try to promote Gackt as best I can by playing his music (And *Gasp, the horror, I actually PAY royalties when I use his music, AND give him credit!!)

And I always have some blurb of Gackt news during Saturday's Japanese Curry. Not to mention Gackt is my 1 most requested artist 4 weeks running. So stay tuned to that station!

Shameless plug finished.

I'm exhausted from the long car ride home (I left for home at 4am.)

so I'm going to crawl into bed and have lovely dreams of my upcoming trip to Japan.

Ta for now.


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