Friday, April 4, 2008

Gackt Updates

Hey all! Time for some quick updates.

First off, everyone wants to know about the Joost Maglev saga. Good news / Bad news situation here.

First the bad news just to get it out of the way. The "Fraud exposed" video was removed by Gordie entertainment due to copyright infringement.

It seems that the Gordie entertainment corp. is somehow linked to NHK which we all know is where Gackt is linked due to Fuurin Kazan.

So it looks like Gackt’s people may have been the ones who it down.

My only theory as to why is because They see... "Gackt Fraud" in the title and thought it was a video that was a video smearing Gackt or discrediting Gackt using his material, not fully understanding the meaning of the video.

Being the trouble maker that I am, I suggested to the creator of the vid to make alternate email accounts and re-post it a few different times. Kind of how when Cruise tried to shut down the scientology video fiasco, it kept popping up 2 fold.

I also told him he should title it something like "Protecting Gackt’s interests" or something that will immediately show this isn’t going against Gackt, but FOR Gackt.

I’m also trying to find a way to contact the Gordie Company who seems fairly elusive to discuss the situation. I’ve written a letter to NHK requesting their contact information, since their name was linked to Gordie Entertainment.

However, Keith on my myspace blog had a good point... the video was removed by a third party. It IS possible it really was Gordie entertainment, its also possible it was someone POSING as Gordie Entertainment.

That's what is so weird. Gordie entertainment (which in itself is fairly elusive) I can only find that it is linked to NHK, which is the company that released Fuurin Kazan.

Nippon Crown and Gackt owns the rights to his music, so if anyone would pull it for copyright issues, it would be DEARS or Nippon Crown. that's the only thing I can think of.


Now the kind of good news. It appears the pressure is getting to Joost.

On Artemis I noticed he FINALLY gave Gackt Credit (Somewhat.)

However, he still wasn’t being completely honest. He said he wrote the base of this song in 1994, even though the beginning rifts are note for note dybbuk...

and if it was written in ’94, why did it take till 2008 to release the song when he’s had so many albums prior to the one he is selling it on? 16 previous albums to be exact.

It took him 16 albums to release this song written in 94... this song that sounds surprisingly like Dybbuk in the beginning especially?

Come on. He’s getting more honest, but he’s not quite there.

I’ve also been noticing more and more on previous albums, he wasn’t just copying Gackt songs, he was actually selling Gackt songs on his album, admittedly so.

for example:

On his "Snowflakes 2005" he has - Track 2 composed in 2001 by Gackt C, lyrics written in 2003 by Joost D

It does NOT say, "Used with permission" or "royalties paid".

it is ILLEGAL to SELL an album with someone else’s music, or to change lyrics to an existing song that is copyrighted.

Even if you give credit, you still have to BUY THE RIGHTS or pay royalties everytime an album is sold, and you HAVE TO get permission either way. You can’t just do it and hope your good intentions have been noted.

But the good thing is it looks as if these albums are no longer for sale.

So, we’ve gotten to him... however, he’s still not being honest enough. The more pressure, the more he’ll wittle down till the full truth is exposed and he stops selling Gackt’s tunes as his own.

I have been asked...

"Ara, what if Joost has permission from Gackt to write these songs?"

My answer is... why wouldn’t he just say so at this point after being repeatedly attacked?

Its as simple as writing "Used with permission" Or "royalties paid for". Even if it were a privacy issue (As in Gackt doesn't want ten million people asking for permission to use his music for personal works), he would still insist on some kind of compensation/credit given. So I firmly believe this is all done without Gackt's concent.


moving on from Joost for a while.

The information I previously gave about Gackt voicing for Vocaloid... well, I started doing some digging to find out if it was true or not, since the news was released on April first, and even the articles had to ask if it was an april fool’s joke..

So I emailed the official Crypton Vocaloid site. (It was a test of my Japanese writing skills. I wrote in all japanese since it is a japanese site, so it was interesting to see if I wrote it properly enough for them to understand.)

They did! yay my writing skills are improving!

Anyhoo. The Crypton vocaloid site said regrettably they had no information or knowledge of the news, and directed me to another site who may know.

So I re-wrote the message to this site and they told me, regrettably they are not releasing any information on that currently other than the 3rd Vocaliod is being released in ’08, and to keep checking back with the site for news.

So in otherwords, no one’s talking, and everyone’s saying they don’t know anything.
However, no one will recant the information and say "its not true" either. And usually after an april fool’s joke, right on April 2nd, people will say "Yes if you figured it out, it was an april fool’s joke"

Kind of like the April Fool’s "Legend’s of Zelda" elaborate movie trailer hoax.
However, while no one is saying anything, no one has released an "April Fool’s" recant of the information either.

So it is still up in the air. As it stands, it is still possible that Gackt will be voicing in Vocaloid.

I’ll keep you all updated on all the news.

that’s it for now.



t-chan said...

Just wanted to say, thanks for always being so good about posting info on Gackt-o for us! THANK YOU!

Aravyndra said...

No problem that's what I'm here for. Glad you appreciate it. ^_^

Candar said...

If I am not wrong, Gordie entertainment is a company that does outsource Gackt's fanclub staff and takes care of rights infringement.

Aravyndra said...

I've been trying to verify that, but I have found no information to prove that as of yet. The only connection I've found is through NHK which has nothing to do with Gackt other than Furin Kazan. Most copyright infringements that I've found has been either uncredited, or has been by Nippon Crown, Dears, or the Stations which a segment used has aired. This was my first time seeing "Gordie Entertainment" being used for copyright infringement.

Missheru said...

Good to see the little worm finally give Gackt at least a little credit. I've had a negative feeling for him since my first very condescending introduction to him.