Monday, April 7, 2008

Gackt Updates

1. There is still no word on Vocaloid other than... its been a week and no one has popped out saying "APRIL FOOL’s".
So if this were an april fool’s joke, it would be in the running for the world record of longest running April Fool’s Prank.

However, that doesn’t mean he IS doing Vocaloid. For all I know, they may have just been in talks with him to do it, but it doesn’t mean he’s agreed to it.

I’m going to keep pressing and let you know when I do. The third of the vocaloid series is due to hit the shelves in May, so we should know soon.

2. There’s not much on the Joost front other than he’s starting to push his CD now.

This album includes:

Artemis - Dybbuk/Lu:na rip off
and Caramel - The note for note Vanilla rip off that is suppose to be an OBVIOUS satire of Gackt’s vanilla according to the 2 joost fans that exist. (Hi Joost’s mom and dad!)

(Not so obvious if you’re not a Gackt fan. How are they suppose to know if Gackt isn’t credited, that this is a spoof of an existing song?)

but Gackt is not credited, and Vanilla is not mentioned on the discography page. He credits a bunch of other no names... "With the help of."

Well, if Gackt "influenced" this music, didn’t he get Gackt’s help? Why isn’t he credited in the list of names that appears after "With the help of"?

I’m ready to start another letter campaign to Dears.
Probably today I’ll write them again. They need to either tell him to stop, or tell us to let it go.
Until I get official word, I’m going to keep up the fight. This just bites me to no end.

as was mentioned on his forum

Rembrant, Monet, Piccasso - they didn’t live off the coat tails of other painters -
they were artists because they had a vision, something uniquely them, and gave it to the world.
Those who copy those styles of paintings aren’t considered artists... their art is considered "Forgeries" or "In the style of"...
But they’re not considered to be true visonaries. Just copycat painters living in the shadow of real, great artists.

He’s nothing but a fraud living in Gackt’s shadow.

Feel free to go to and write another letter to Gackt and DEARS.
Send him to Joost’s YOUTUBE page and tell him and dears to listen to Artemis and think of Dybbuk and Luna.
Let him know about Caramel being a Rip off of Vanilla down to the last note - without crediting Gackt...

and that above all else, he’s SELLING these songs, and that he use to sell albums with actual Gackt songs on them. (Like his Snowflakes 2003 and 2005).
Even admittingly using Gackt songs, just writing his own lyrics, then selling them for his own profit without permission.

and above all else... BOYCOTT JOOST!!

If he sells these albums, its just going to add to his delusion that what he’s doing isn’t wrong. A TRUE gackt fan supports GACKT... not someone who would steal from him.

Even out of curiosity... DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR BUY JOOST’S Albums!!!

Also, if you join his forum on his official site , Don’t resort to low tactics, like name calling, threats or making derogitory statemtents.

Stick to the facts, and try to show Gackt fans in a positive light.

but more people need to start posting there and telling him this won’t be stood for!!

3. Whew, yes there is finally a 3.

There are some really cute videos posted on the internet of recent Gackt stuff.

My faves are...

From Gackt’s Platinum Box - All I can say is poor Jun-Ji!!! (especially starting at 1:40)

Also from Gackt’s Platinum Box - All I can say is - Poor Gackt.
This is where they pull a fan’s name out of a fishbowl to drop in on them and surprise them.
(Not seen in the vid, they tried one other fan who wasn’t at home, left her a note and autograph, then moved on to this fan).

This particular fan seems to be a YOU fan. Gackt seems to be a bit jealous that she likes YOU over him.
I don’t think he’s use to playing Second Fiddle to the violinist. Lol!

And this video - Has A Quick clip of Gackt with his CURRENT hairdo. (Or don’t.) I think he needs to get a haircut personally.
I like his hairdo from the Platinum Box vids myself. Lol. This was from 4-4-08.
Thank you so much!
All the youtubers who bring this to those of us around the world who may not otherwise be in the know. This includes, Moimana97, to924, and Marajaa who posted the videos I used above.

and of course to our Gackt himself for making these vids for our enjoyment.

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