Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back! Some Gackt Schtuff (Edited)


For those who didn't notice (lol) I was on vacation for the last week. A whole 7 days without internet connectivity. ARGH!! Even so, it doesn't appear I missed much Gackt news while I was gone last week.

The only things I could find came from the Bunraku blog that gave us this pic...

a possible storyboard for a scene from the movie. (no word on if this scene will appear in the movie or not.)

According to the site, there was also a pic from Bunraku on that showed Gackt in makeup that depicted him bloodied.

it was removed according to Japanese law as 'questionable content' for its violent implications, because young people have access to the community website.

huh. Like they don't have access to pics like this?


I don't claim to understand all of Japan's laws. lol. So we're going to have to wait to the movie.


That's it for now. Just glad to be home. ^_^

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Ja Mata


(Screenboard of Bunraku is drawn by Neil D'Monte )

*The picture has been removed

There are too many stories as to why it is not available online from copyright issues, to questionable content laws, to it being considered too much of a *spoiler*

I can't sift through which one is the real reason, so until the picture is officially posted again, I've removed it.

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