Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More news on latest single: Ghost

Thanks to Ryuichi-chan for the information

12/3発売の「Jesus」に続くニューシングルは、海外ドラマ「ターミネーター:サラコナー クロニクルズ」オリジナルイメージソングに決定。

(2) 未定
(3) GHOST(Instrumental)
(4) 未定(Instrumental)

*rough translation*
following the 12 / 3 release of the new "Jesus" single, Gackt will have the original image song for the foreign drama "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles".

(2) To be announced.
(3) GHOST (Instrumental)
(4) TBA (Instrumental)

so it looks like Gackt will be doing something for the series the Terminator!! I'm really excited now!!
I'm very curious as to what track 2 will be .... hmmm


Thanks again Ryuichi-chan.

Wouldn't it be cool if Gackt got some kind of walk on part as a terminator for one episode? Lol. He'd be good at that uber cute but scary cyborg type character.

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