Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bounty Killer - Gackt Game

There is a little more information about Bounty Killer... the weird project Gackt is producing that looks like either a video game or a casino slot machine.

It seems now, according to this site ...

it is both. This is a Japan-only PS3-exclusive slot machine game to be released in Japanese format in October.

The main character in the game is modeled after Gackt (Looking much like Gackt in the Vanilla video and perhaps a bit of his character in the game Bujingai.), and his music will also be featured in the game. Tracks like 'Another World,' White Eyes,' and 'Justified' are included in the soundtrack.

Gackt also produces this game.

The above site has screenshots.

exactly HOW the slot machine relates to game play hasn't been described as of yet, but my guess... if you get three 7's in a row at a maxium bet at the casino... you win a LOT of money. If you get three 7's in a row in this game, you'll get a major progression in the game, or score a major bounty. That's the only way I can think of it.

I guess we'll have to see when our Japanese friends let us know what they think about the game.


Gloriosa said...

O hai! It's me . . . again. XD

Gackt's new single, infact, isn't Justified; it's a new song called 'Jesus'. O_O

It's official and it's on his website, so this isn't some unconfirmed rumor.

Aravyndra said...

you are partially right.

Gackt's new single just announced is "jesus"

however, Justified also exists, it is an unreleased song that will first be heard on Nine*Nine and the video game.

Jesus and Justified are two separate songs.