Friday, November 14, 2008

Gackt's 2009 Calendar

I just got Gackt's 2009 calendar in the mail. It's my first calendar.

I'm very surprised it was so large. I honestly thought of one of those small 8x10 calendars, not poster sized. lol.

Personally, I think it is a nice calendar, but I am a bit disappointed. I was expecting 12 awesome pictures... one for each month of the year... instead it was 6 pictures (two months shared the same picture) plus the cover.

And it would have been nice to have one artsy, face photo. Most of the pics were profiles or full body shots that are just like every other pic you see on the internet. Here's to examples.

So I rate my first Gackt calendar a B. I always love posters of Gackt, but I would have loved a normal sized calendar with 12 beautiful pics or a day calendar with 360 beautiful pics as opposed to 6 posters. That's just me tho.


Erica said...

Don't be too disappointed about the 6-picture thing ^^; Since this is your first calendar, you probably didn't know, but I think it's a fairly common practice in Japan for music artists to come out with poster-size calendars with 2 months to each picture. I'm a big fan of Hamasaki Ayumi, and she's on a different label than Gackt, but her calendars are the same- 6 pages. I remember it's been that way for Gackt and Ayumi for years, though I believe Ayu's calendars were formatted differently in the beginning of her career 10 years ago. Can't vouch for Gackt's though. I guess we have to change our expectations when it comes to buying things from other countries. I would prefer 6 more gorgeous pictures too *O* but oh well~

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for posting these pics, you know, they are th eonly preiew on the internet of Gackt's calendar 2009. I was planning to buy but I was haveing many doubts since I hadn't seen any preview. But now I know what's all about, and yeah, I like it, specially September/October page... he always gives me such a beautiful gift for my birthday...

congratulations for your first calendar! and hope it's noe the last one!

Anonymous said...

oh, btw, this will be my third gackt's calendar... and! this year i bought my first ayu calendar... i had never been attracted by it until this year's... ^^

Anonymous said...

Is there more than one 2009 calendar? Because the calendar I saw didn't have any of these pictures, and were over 12 different pictures. You can see it here:

And here:

Where did you order yours?

Liza said...

where did u buy your calendar? :)