Saturday, November 22, 2008

Part 4 and Gackt on Music Station

Part 4 of Gackt's appearance on the guessing game show, and his recent appearance on music station to promote and perform Jesus.

gackt is still cute when he tries to dance

But he still can't dance.

He also can't headbang in time. LOL but he looks adorable trying.

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Furesiya said...

xD I'm clearly living in the wrong country. You'd never see great shows like this in the states xDDD.
Poor Gackt looked really spacey though >< probably tired~
and the more I hear Jesus the more I feel like its only half a song D: I'm not sure what it is. Either way I can't wait to see what else will be on the new album ^^
and thankyou so much for linking the videos I enjoyed them allot :D