Sunday, August 10, 2008

To "Joost's" Friend "Joseph"

I did not publish your comments because your comments are not only stupid, but insult me all you want, I will not allow you to insult my blogs guests.

Now as for calling your comment stupid.

You said that I call myself a professional singer but I only have Gackt's music on my site... why... well your theory is because I'm not good enough.

Here's where the 'your stupid' thing comes in..... wait for it.....


this is a site for Gackt, about Gackt, and to Promote Gackt. Why would I post MY music here? I have a personal site for that.

You also attacked one of my blog guests for hiding behind the computer to insult Joost.

Aren't you doing the same thing? Do you leave a return email address? no. Do you leave your REAL name? Probably not.

As for how hurt Joost is... too bad.

People dressing like Gackt aren't trying to make money off looking like Gackt. People who do cover songs of Gackt's music aren't trying to make money by selling CDs of ripping off Gackt's music.

He's taken Gackt's songs, illegally changed lyrics, then claimed the music... lyrics and composition... to be his own, then he puts them up for sale. Whether he sells any or not... it is illegal.

a. because he does not give Gackt credit
b. because he did not get permission to sample Gackt's compositions
c. because he did not pay for the rights to put Gackt's music on his CDs (the one that he does admit to having on his Christmas CDs) and redistributing them.
d. because he did not have permission to use Gackt's music on his CDs (the one that he does admit to using) and changing the lyrics.

If we didn't have a case, the Netherlands and Japanese copyright offices wouldn't currently be investigating the situation...

(As they are at this very moment. There has been written confirmation that they believe there is enough evidence to investigate this matter and take proper action against Joost should they find intentional copyright infringement.)

While they said it may take a while... they will get back to the person who originally contacted them. Unfortunately, that wasn't me. However it was someone else that Joost is well aware of.

However, Thank you for your comments, as hilariously inaccurate as they were.


ねこ said...

you tell 'em ^^v

Charity said...

Interesting to know.