Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gackt and Site News

Well, the radio show idea was a good one for a while, but now that I’m actually running a radio station...

I just don’t think I could stand recording a radio show AND a Gackt show.

Its A LOT of work. (took me 2 days to get my radio station up and running.)

So I’m going back to the old format.

If you still want to listen to the old news on the radio show... Click HERE

Who knows. Once I’m better at the radio gig, maybe I’ll come back to this format again.


Mercifully, Gackt news has been a bit quiet.

1. There’s Gackt’s Community Site...

2. Also in the article linked above is news that Gackt is releasing his entire discography on iTunes (Making him the first Asian artist to do so.)

3. Gackt finished filming Fuurin Kazan. He celebrated with cast, and his S.K.I.N. bandmates. *Waaa* Its sad when a show ends. Especailly a good one like this! Thankfully I’m only up to Episode 9 in subtitles... so I have a long way to go.

4. There’s talk about Aurther et Minnimoys (Aurther and the invisibles) where he plays the main baddy, but nothing we really haven’t heard before.

So that’s the quick low down on Gackt news for today. not much going on... but like I said, thankfully that’s good. I’ve fallen so behind since starting the radio station. Now I have nothing more to do there till I get an audience. Lol


ねこ said...

I totally understand. It's a lot of work to keep up with this information on it's own and it's even more to put it to an audio format.

you are the best ^^v

Aravyndra said...

aww thankies.

like I said... I'll probably go back to the format one day when I get the hang of my radio station.

once I can balance both, I'll probably do it again since it was so successful. but its hard to sit at a mic for 8 hours to record a 1 hour radio show, then tack on a few extra hours for a Gackt show. LOL.

but we'll see what happens ^_^