Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gackt's New Commercial and FFVII

Gackt stars in a new commercial for skin care gel. It first aired this past week from what I’ve been told.

Also just arrived, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the English PSPs. Last year Crisis core (A prequel to the final fantasy VII storyline) was released with Gackt reprising his voice role as "G" (Genesis), a character that was also designed to look like him. He first portrayed "G" in the secret ending of Dirge of Cerberus.

Crisis Core is a prequel to Dirge so For those who don't pay Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core is the past... Dirge of Cerberus happens a long time after the events of Crisis Core.

Unfortunately the voice actor who did the English Dub of Genesis in the secret end movie of DIRGE is credited on as reprising the role for this prequel as well. So instead of Gackt, you’ll be hearing a mix of a transalvanian vampire and Ricardo Montalban. I don’t know what the Voice actor was thinking.

However, at least you can still LOOK at Gackt’s likeness. LOL.

Here is the trailer to Crisis Core, The Secret ending with Gackt for Dirge, and the secret ending of Dirge English dubbed.

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