Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Gackt Dolls are here!

What is a Gackt doll you say? *GASP*! you don't know???

well, here are a few examples of "Gackt" dolls.

cool aren't they? the dolls belong to friends on a Asian Ball Jointed Doll club site called Dream Of Angel.

well, here are the dolls I just got in. Now the Gackt doll looks pretty much like Gackt if you compare the face to the pictures of Gackt (especially the nose and mouth in the first two pics below.)

unfortunately, the second doll, (Gackt as Kenshin from Fuurin Kazan) is identical to the first one... but the wig is a bit big, and the skin is washed out by the camera flash, so it looks a bit different on film. In person without the big wig he looks better. (I have a new wig on order.)

(that's Gackt with my other doll, Byakuya)


The Void said...

Those dolls are awesome! Can you tell me where exactly you got them from? Can I buy them online anywhere?

Aravyndra said...

You can have custom anime or celebrity dolls by ordering them from

be aware though, they are beyond uber expensive. I had to save quite long and sell a lot of crap on ebay to get the ones I have.