Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Stuff to Watch For

Hey guys. New merchandise for your GACKT collection coming up.

Bunraku has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Get your copy at

On CDjapan you'll be able to pre-order all these new Gackt items.

GACKT in Europe official photobook ($151.40 USD)

GACKT in Nemuri Kyoshiro (stage play) on DVD ($84.12 USD)

New Single from anime "Sket Dance" - Graffiti (with bonus poster) ($15.14 USD)

Graffiti single + DVD  with bonus poster  ($22.71 USD)

GACKT Diary 2012 ($69.39 USD)

1 comment:

Nyu said...

I have seen the film Bunraku.. it is a lot.. ehm.. fanciful! xD
Gackt is very beautiful.
I am Italian and I hope that this film can also arrive in Italy.