Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In memorium

It is my sad duty to bring this news to the viewers of this fan blog. The Miniature Dachshund Gackt once refered to as his "daughter" has passed away earlier this month, confirmed by the staff blog of Gackt's community page,

my thoughts go out to Gackt. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. It can feel as bad as losing a human family or friend. I, myself, lost my 12 year old iguana, Anastasia, to cancer this month. So I understand how he must feel right now.

Again, our thoughts go out to Gackt.

In memory of
Belle Constantine Chappi
The first dog of Jrock

from the staff blog of Gackt's community site...

Gackt's pet dog, the miniature dachshund named Bell, has passed away.

For nine whole years, Bell has stood watch at Gackt's side since 1998 when he was in a band.

Occasionally, she would take part in photoshoots and be a very naughty little girl who ran around the studio...but she'd stop as soon as she heard Gackt call out "Bell !!!"

And then, I remember she was soo cute...acting like a baby perched on top of Gackt's lap. From now on, Bell will be watching over the Gackt whom she loved so much from the sky.

Bell, Rest in Peace...


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