Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Memorial Site for Belle

I have started a memorial site for Gackt's Belle Constantine Chappi


if you would like to leave a comment of support, you may do so at that site. I'll be sending that site link to Gackt through his official site to show our sympathy and support.

I have made a donation to the ASPCA (American Society to prevent cruelty to animals) in Belle's name.

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Dona said...

I think that is a beautiful thing you did. It's nearly been two years since i lost my cat, and i cut my hair short in mourning and have her ashes sitting on my bed still. I think he would be touched by your generosity. I would hope all his fans would do the same. It's so hard to lose something you love so much. I know pet sit and care for other people's animal. May Gackt smile in rememberance of all the wonderful things they shared, even as the tears fall down.