Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gackt Wins some more awards

Gackt won 2 awards at the 2007 J-Rock Choice awards - hosted by Tainted Reality.

The cerimony was held January 18th, 2008...

Gackt was not in attendance as I believe it was a radio broadcast awards ceremony.

Gackt won Best Full Length DVD for his Best of Filmography Red and Blue, and he also won a fan favorite award for best promotional video for his single: Returner.

S.K.I.N. also got the fan vote for best new artist.

*pictures are caps
from Gackt receving an award at the
Shanghai Fashion awards for Best male
Japanese personality, December of '07.*

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treytakizawa said...

hi.. heard the latest news?

"For me, the year 2010 has become a sort of stopping point. Before I reach that, I will move forwards. I like to sing and I really want to continue making things that will give a push to everyone’s backs, but I do not have the confidence to continue doing what I have always done until I die. Even now I’m barely able to do it (laugh). I can continue with this style for another 3, 4 years; that’s why it’s 2010. After that, if I feel that I can do it, I will. If I feel that I can’t, I will get down from the stage. For now, I will continue moving forwards." -- gackt

here's the link..

oh my gackt..

anyways, TREY desu.. ^_^