Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gackt throwing in the towel??!!

I was recently sent to Batsu jrock forum to find this news:
(Credit to Bastu Jrock forum and Trey)


In a recent interview with Gackt in Tokyo Headline, Gackt mentioned that he might end his career in 2010.

For all of you who can read japanese, here you go:

Most of the interview is Gackt talking about Gundam but he goes on to say: "For me, the year 2010 has become a sort of stopping point.

Before I reach that, I will move forwards. I like to sing and I really want to continue making things that will give a push to everyone’s backs, but I do not have the confidence to continue doing what I have always done until I die.

Even now I’m barely able to do it (laugh). I can continue with this style for another 3, 4 years; that’s why it’s 2010. After that, if I feel that I can do it, I will. If I feel that I can’t, I will get down from the stage. For now, I will continue moving forwards."

Credit to Chikotori for the translation.


Now, lets not count Gackt out yet. As he said... if he can continue doing it, he will.

And lets not forget his Sixth Day / Seventh Night stunt.... the year 2007 on a headstone with his name.

After all, Gackt will only be about 37, 38 in 2010, so... that’s still young.
Look at YOSHIKI-sama still busting those drums in his 40’s, and looking fine doing it!

Speaking of retirement, YOSHIKI and 2010 -

what does this say about S.K.I.N.?

Well thus far I’ve been looking into it...

They were suppose to play at a concert in Japan. (Suppose to play meaning they were a tentative guest.) However, it never came to fruition.

I haven’t found any word on an album release

And I have not yet heard of anymore American concert / anime tour dates at this time.

On the up side, no word that the project has been scrapped either... so hopefully we’ll hear something good soon.

Also concerning fans about his 2010 possible retirement, is what this will mean to an international fan club.

For many years DEARS has been promising to look into going international.

If Gackt retires, there’d obviously be no international Dear’s member concerts like he currently holds for his Japanese Dears.

If he retires, will there even BE an international Dears possibility?

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see with baited breath.

one more peice of unrelated Gackt news... I will be going in for surgery again - I was suppose to be going in on the 15th, but it was moved back to the 21st.

I’ll try to keep this site updated when news hits... but I may be a tad slow while I recoup, so send me those news tips in case I miss them.

And thanks again to Trey for this heads up!!

Ja Mata!


Anonymous said...

no problem..

please take a rest. ^_____^


Anonymous said...

he'll end his career in 2010 ...ohh no i don't want him to stop singin' TT^TT . and yeah wut will happen to S.K.I.N am waitin for an album TT^TT ..but am now really sad that i read this topic
Gackt Sama please continue doin great Music
Gackt sama you are the best

Tisha said...

This is a link for those who can't read Japanese for Gackt's official site.

I personally feel that if he needs a rest he should take it, that doesn’t mean he'll stay away forever.

However as an un-official Dear I will miss him should he retire permanently.

Show him your love and support, because if he is thinking about it, he must be going though a tough time. He loves his Dears as much as we love him. He won't disappoint us.

Anonymous said...

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