Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preparing for Gackt's 10th anniversary

In celebration of Gackt's upcoming 10th anniversary in the music industry...
Gackt will be releasing 4 new singles consecutively

Gackt "HEVUN goblin" songs
1. HEVUN goblin
2. My Father's Day

Gackt“Faraway ~星に願いを~”収録曲 Gackt "Faraway ~ Wish Upon a Star" songs
1. Faraway ~星に願いを~
2. Oblivious ~顔のない天使~

Gackt“Lost Angels”収録曲 Gackt "Lost Angels" songs
1. Lost Angels
2. No Reason
3. Suddenly

Gackt“Flower”収録曲 Gackt "Flower" songs
1. Flower
2. In Flames

According to sources... it appears they will start being released in June. More updates on this when I am able to figure it all out.

In other related news:

Gackt is currently showing his support for the efforts to bring the 2016 summer olympics to Tokyo. He did a press conference recently... and there is a rumor that if all goes through, he'd be a featured performer during opening ceremonies.

Gackt was also forced to cancel his upcoming May Korean concert. due to the hard economic times in asia, many sponsers are pulling out of concerts due to financial hardships. Gackt has said the cancellation is only temporary. Refunds and reschedules will be discussed in the near future.

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