Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Follow up to Furin Kazan Price Insanity

As a follow up...

I received a prompt response from CDjapan to my question about the price, however it didn’t clear much up.

their reply was...

"Hi Andrea,

Thank you for contacting us.

I looked into it.

This item Furin Kazan Box 1 contained 1st to 27th episode, which has total 50 episode. Each episode takes 45mins so it’s quite a lot in box 1.

Therefore it cost almost US$400.

Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again."

Well... Stargate is known all over the world, its a huge series with such a strong following it has its own worldwide conventions, and I can get over 10 seasons, over 200 episodes, 52 minutes per episode for $275.

and it comes with subtitle options, and a special on each DVD.

So the explination that half a show with each episode just being barely over half an hour long, only made for region 2 dvds and no subtitle options, made it worth $400 just didn’t sit with me.

So I sent an open letter to NHK hoping they will have better answers.

I will let you know what they have to say if they reply. I’m hoping to convince them that if Japan entertainment wants to begin dominating the world, they have to start by being accessable to normal pay check to paycheck joes.

personally, as much as I love Gackt - I’ll wait for his live concert before I pull any money from my trip to Japan savings.

I can’t in good conscience recommend paying that much for half of a show.

I’ll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

What a price...O_O

Anonymous said...

Just wait for a year or two - you'll find it on ebay half the price ;)
Before that, use youtube or wait for it to be translated ;)

sylia74 said...

Here is a link to a place where you can get the entire series for about $102 subtitled in English: http://www.quixium.com/fan/drama_dvdrlist.htm. I suppose you could just get the parts with Gackt for $72 since it's $6 a disc. I've bought dvd's from this lady before and she does a great job with the quality. This is not, however, the "official" dvd from NHK. The "official" NHK dvds always cost about $400 for half the series and are never subtitled.

Aravyndra said...

Thank you sylia for the info.

I personally would buy the whole set. Its a great story, even during the beginning of which Gackt was not a part.

Its a show definately worth having even for non-Gackt fans. Very emotional, very well played.

sylia74 said...

I found out yesterday that yesasia.com is selling a 160 page photo book featuring Gackt as Kagetora. It's $44 with free shipping. Here is the link:

I'm thinking of buying it. It looks magnificent.

locrian said...

you can watch the episodes of furin kazan on www.mysoju.com
They're subbed and you can't download them, but you can watch them.