Monday, October 29, 2007

Furin Kazan up for pre-order... but um...


The first half of Fuuin Kazan is on DVD and up for pre-order on

HOWEVER... before you rush out to put in your order, be aware.

You will need a region 2 DVD player or computer DVD ability, and this does NOT have english subtitle options!


The first 27 episodes will set you back 42000 yen (about $367 US) So that will be close to $800.00 when all is said and done.

Why the Extreme price? Will the price go down to something normal? I’m going to try to find out for you. Fuurin Kazan is a good show, but to be honest with you all... $700 for a box set of a show is kind of nuts unless you have money to throw away.

I know its a special import and all... but that’s a bit extreme.

I sent an open letter to Cdjapan’s information center in hopes they can clear this up for us.

The letter states...


"To whom it may concern,

I was very excited to see the box set for Furin Kazan going up for sale, and was ready to announce it on my Gackt website...

then I saw the price.

almost $400 US for half a show? almost $800 when the second half is released?!


I’m wondering if this is a rip off, because I can get 100 episodes of animes, or 100 epsiodes of TV shows, and Japanese imported RARE movies/concerts/tv-shows for HALF that...

For example... I have all of the Stargate episodes, and about 5 boxsets (100 episodes) set me back $250.00

100 eps for $300 vs. 49 eps for $800

Can you explain this? I can’t even imagine that being a good price in Japan...

Was it dipped in gold?! are the CDs encrusted with diamonds?

Are you going to sell a copy of the show for those of us who don’t have money trees growing in our backyard?

Sincerely, (Ara)


So I’ll let you know what their reply is.

I’m hoping against hope they say there’s something special about this import and there will be a more cost effective one on its way.

Before flying over to Furin Kazan is selling for $383 there.

0_o errr.

Screw the special booklet that comes with it... GACKT better be coming with the boxsets for that price!!!!

Hatchi Matchi!

I’ll keep you all posted.


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Anonymous said...

oh man! I got so excited and almost had a stroke when i saw that I'd rather go download the episodes and pay 36 bucks to get viruses cleaned off my computr from the downloading than pay that much...I agree...Gackt better be coming with those box sets o_O for us to pay THAT MUCH